Top forum banner is broken

It just shows the broken image icon.

Need more than that to help.

Mobile? Desktop? Browser?

I’m on my laptop using Google Chrome browser.
Here’s a screenshot. ^^

Both mobile and desktop, across all browsers.

Fine for me on Chrome mobile.

Doesn’t work on desktop (Xbox); MS Edge.

Not working on mobile; Chrome

Working fine for me, mobile, Android, chrome.

I see a lil’white square of brokenness…

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Opt, it’s broken for me now. I must’ve been running a cached version of it before or something so it didn’t matter the image is gone or changed directories or whatever’s happening.

EDIT: doesn’t look like the directory or image the header is referencing exists

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Broken on desktop Firefox and Chrome.

Broken on any of the browsers I try on Android. Haven’t checked on PC yet.

Funny because we can’t find a rhyme or reason to it. But it happened on our web designer’s machine so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not fixed yet? Make a new image, or at least use a placeholder until it gets fixed please…

Having the same problem.

The nerve!


Having the same problem, both on mobile Android and on my desktop on Chrome.

The banner’s still busted on Microsoft Edge- I hope that helps!


Mines broken too. Desktop

Is it an add?
I use add blocker…

Flame below: