Top forum banner is broken


Is it an add?
I use add blocker…

Flame below:


First time I’ve encountered it on Chrome.


Ah, I see it broken on the XBone’s Edge browser now


Its been broken for a couple of weeks now.
In fact the whole site was having trouble loading images
the other day. Kinda of embarrassing.

I do like the way the forum is structured
but, I don’t know.

If weeks in a simple banner cannot be fixed
then I start to wonder when the networking syncing
and game crashing, not starting will be.


Firstly, Those are two completely different things worked on by completely different groups. One’s performance is no indication of the other’s. Secondly, the people working on this website have lots of other stuff going on more than likely and work on multiple projects. When it comes to making priorities, I’m sure the other stuff is much higher than a broken header image.

TL;DR: Cut 'em some slack. It’s no big deal.


I know its just a banner, or maybe an Ultratech Drone.

But I waited 20 minutes to find an online player, just to make
a Huge comeback, only to have him bail on me during my ultra, then
the game crashed… UUggh.

I think maybe, correct me if Im wrong, there are not enough players
for all the different online styles, fragmenting the players.


Hey, the banner is back for me! :smiley:


OMGoth! Mine too! Best Friday ever?


But not for me on Google Chrome mobile.


I know our dev is working on it. He’s even working on making the top bar not transparent. May see some intermittent weirdness, though.


Broken banner is broken.


Um, you can’t break something that’s already broken. Can you?

Hmm, the philosophical question of the day… :thinking:


Still appears broken to me (using a PC).


Oh, the banner is back to be a broken file again. :confused:


Still working for me. #ThatsKwazy


It was never fixed for me. :cry:


This banner is boss.


Here is the fix for the transparency issue, just a simple css rule override. just add it to the header template

    .docked .d-header {
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.9)!important;

    .docked .d-header .extra-info-wrapper .topic-link, .docked .d-header .badge-wrapper.bullet span.badge-category, .docked .d-header .title a {