Top character picks for Kombat pack 2 (aside from story mode characters which you fight against)

So since Kombat pack 2 is being hinted at like mad by ed boon, who would you wan’t to see in kombat pack 2 (Rain, Sindel and Baraka are pretty much almost done and are pretty much guaranteed so they don’t count)

  1. Smoke
  2. Kabal
  3. Sareena
  4. Noob Saibot

H/M. Spawn and Frost

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If the story mode characters aren’t an option, then it would definitely be Kai for me. Noob too. Save Taven and Daegon, as well as some of the other 3D era characters, for the next game.


Noob and Smoke most of all… And of course Reiko so he can answer for those accords.

Bo’ Rai Cho, Reiko, Jade, and Noob.


Aside from Story characters? Then why are you all saying Story characters? lol. Unless you mean the ones you fight and can’t play as.

Hotaru (I actually thought he looked cool)
Kratos (He’ll never come back :cry:)

Added it in the title to make it more clear

Cyber Smoke
Red Robin

If you don’t know who Red Robin. Then Google “Mortal Kombat 2 Red Robin”

Reiko and Havik, as well as Kintaro, are killed in the prequel komics, so don’t count on them making an appearance in the game.

Well that sucks.
Those are two of my favorites.

Who else died in the komic?

Hsu Hao, King Gorbak, Moloch, Drahmin, Fox. There might be more.

And Goro has all four of his arms ripped off by Kotal Kahn. Not sure how he has them back in the game.

I don’t know how much that comic actually means, but Hsu Hao and King Gorbak were both killed in the comic.

If they are going by what happened in the comic as well as MKX story mode, then I’d hope for:


That’s four characters that I’d actually use and would enjoy having in MKX. Fujin should’ve been in from the get go given that he seemed to have more to do in the story than some of the characters that actually made the roster.

Sareena’s always been one of my favorites ever since the story of MK Mythologies: Sub Zero. I feel like she has a lot to offer the series from a story standpoint. Who knows, maybe MKX could finally be her chance to convice fans and devs that she warrants a bigger role (or a role to begin with).

Smoke and Kabal are two of my favorites, but they’re also fan favorites from way back. They’re not going to put four 3D era characters in or a bunch of characters from the comic that no regular fans have heard of, at least I wouldn’t think they’d do that.

I want to say Bo Rai Cho, but I know they’d make him in to a farting, barfing joke of a character and I think that’s a garbage way to go for someone who’s supposed to be this “master” that characters like Liu Kang and Kung Lao trained under. You’re basically making fun of your own mythos.

I’d pick Tasia, but I tend to doubt that they’d put in a brand new character, and I tend to think that Sareena’s somewhat of a blank template as it is given ther her move list in Armageddon was a bit on the generic side.

On a side note, I’d love to see an all dead DLC pack for Baraka, Reiko, Havik and King Gorbak. Man… MKX and the comic were freakin bloodbaths. Oh well, at least no one stays dead in MK lol.


4 classics + one guest character: Spawn or Alien or Freddy

Guessing the kombat pack will be four characters. The last one was, and so was MK9’s. Boon’s been hitting the Alien stuff kinda hard on Twitter, so that could be a real possibility.

If I had to predict right now, I’d guess Rain, Sindel, Baraka and Xenomorph. Really hoping that’s not the group though. It feels cheap that they’d have these in game characters already in the story suddenly become playable. Plus, I’ve seen lots of fans on twitter requesting Fujin and Sareena and both are actually in the game and, ya know, not dead (like Baraka, and I say that as a huge Baraka fan).