Top 32 Players (Evo Seeding)

Hey, fellas. I’ve posted this in the FB group, but figured some of you may want to see it here or may not have access to the group for one reason or another.

Pretty much as a community we’re trying to seed, as accurate as we can, KI’s top 32 players based on tournament results, points earned from KIPL, and the official KIPL online events (8 Bit Beatdown)

Feel free to form your own list, agree with out, or share thoughts. Here’s the link to the existing list we have so far:

And for the list of tournament resuts:

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Assuming they are all competing and in no particular order , my top 8 predictions are…

Rico Sauve
Pink Diamond
UA Bass
Hollywood Sleep
Nicki (I can’t remember how to spell his name, but he the super sick Fulgore player, he was in grand finals at Combo Breaker)
UA My God

Add maybe WaterHorses, Grief, CDJR(Maybe?)

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Look at the power rankings in shoryuken website.

Yikes. I can’t imagine anything more difficult to do than this. Good luck !

Those rankings are a joke. They only rank top 8 for majors
You place 9th, you don’t get squat. So if your consistent in placing 9th, 13th, 17th, 25th, you’re not being evaluated or given points. That’s not fair. There’s a lot of players kissing on that srk rankings too, which is why we don’t really pay it any mind.

Ok. Fair enough. Well look at the history log for every KI tournament and give them points based on it. Some players who haven’t been in the active meta are still on top like CDJR and Justin Wong.

Okay, guys. I expected more cooperation with this by now and we’re still here. The purpose of this as for community input on the seeding, as we (Evo staff) does not want to generate the seeding ourselves without giving the KI community a voice and give everyone fair, accurately seeded, pools.

Time is a ticking before I seed myself #1 :wink:

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I’ll post a comprehensive list by tonight.

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Question. Should I make the list of ACTIVE competitive players or all time players?

Well, for the most part. Yes. However, we do want to take into account the players who we know will be competing at Evo, but don’t travel for other events. Such as MyGod, who is consistently placing Top 3 if not Top 2 at tournaments, and Top 8 at Evos. Rico, same thing. Definitely those two should be, in my opinion, top 5. Then following, the rest of the gods:
then the rest
coming up gods:
and then there are the online warriors, but if they’re not participating in offline events, I’d move them down as “alternates” or giving them asterisks to notify they’re top 32 seed material, but due to lack of offline performance records, could not justify seeding them into Evo (and that they’re probably not attending)

(Nicky is not a god yet). I feel you. I’ll hop to it then.

Only online warrior I could throw in there is ITA Master. Maybe Ninox52 because of his 8 bit beatdown victory.

Yeah, ITA Master is from Puerto Rico and has said he’s trying to go to Evo. Nino has won a medals and won 8BB too. I thin he belongs on that last as well.

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So there is a KI scene there? Awesome. Do they have regular tourneys and stuff like that? I made a thread asking about this but got no replies lol

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  1. Hollywood Sleep
  2. Thompxson
  3. Bass
  4. Nicky Vengenz (or whatever the hell he’s going by these days :joy:)
  5. Rico Suave
  6. MyGod
  7. PinkDiamond
  8. CrazyLCD
  9. Fiyah Liger
  10. ToneriXSkate
  11. Seadragon
  12. Dayton J
  13. Swordsman09
  14. TBND Daymein
  15. Ninox52
  16. CR Cupcake
  17. Raven is Raw
  18. GutterMagic
  19. ZeroMayCry
  20. ItaMaster
  21. Domy

And that’s all I’ve got. If the Japanese come over in numbers I think probably another two or three of them could make the list, but really hard to tell since they can’t compete in Beatdown’s or travel to anything stateside besides EVO. There’s a lot of float between individual numbers, but I feel like the groupings there (first 10, second 10) are about right.

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I’m pretty sure LCD said he wasn’t attending Tournaments for a while. I don’t know if he included EVO in that statement, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Much like character balancing, when you talk about the tp 32 players, you are talking about sorting through THE TINIEST DETAILS to make this list. Not only is that near impossible to do, but trusting most of us on this forum to be able to do it is a bad idea.

Put me on that list baby I’ll show the world

Hit him up via XBL message. I don’t live in PR. lol