Top 32 Players (Evo Seeding)

It’s not trusting the community, it’s giving the community an opportunity to give feedback and by BOTH, feed back and results taken from majors/regionals/online events, we’ll construct a seeding that everyone can be happy with.

Regardless, everyone still has to make it out of pools.

So, @RoTeNdO, I know I haven’t been helpful but maybe more people would contribute if you would explain more about the need and what you’re asking.

The seeding is to populate the pools? So we don’t stick the two best players in the same pool?

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I have a question. What’s seeding?

seeding is picking through a certain bunch that qualifies for whatever reason. In this case, seeding means looking at all the top level Killer Instinct players and seeing how they rank (with a cap of 32 people).

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Oh…Thank you for answering.

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my pleasure :thumbsup:

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I have explained this over on the KI FB group page and posted a link here, only because some of the Evo staff cannot view the KI group as it’s private and they don’t want to join. lol So most of the information is over there, but I guess I can elaborate on the why, here.

The seeding is for Evo. Where we’d rank the top 32 players in KI according to most recent events they participated and placed in. As well as other notable players, who have performed well in online events and do not get the chance to travel to these majors/regionals like other have.

Seeding is to avoid having a pool/tournament bracket stacked with too many “Killers”/top players. [Imagine a pool with just Rico, Bass, Sleep, MyGod, and Nicky] So say there is 8 pools, right? and all the previously mentioned players entered, plus 2 more top payers. Let’s say… Charlieboy and Thompson. So that’s 7 top players, in a 8 pools tourney. and one pool has 5/8 top payers. Leaving the remaining pools up for grabs pretty much. This will cause an unbalanced and unfair tournament. As only 2 players will advance to top 8 finals from each pool. What we want to see, naturally is for the best to come out on top, and have the best of the best competing in the finals. Not 4 of the best, and a bunch of randoms. It’ll be a bogus tournament.

For Evo, we want to give the players, community, and viewers the best tournament experience. By giving them the best. It won’t be fair to the community, viewers, and other players (as far as competition) if they all take each other out in pools, when naturally, the best players would meet up later on at the tail end of a bracket. #1 vs #2, essentially.

That’s what seeding does. The earliest #1 and #2 should end up playing each other, is in semis finals. If improperly seeded, players meeting early would result in a lopsided tournament, where a lesser skilled player who would normally finish in the bottom 32, is floated to the higher rounds where they would normally never get to in a properly seeded event.

I hope that helps explains things a little.


Rotendo wow thank you for the detailed response. I had no idea such were involved in planning tourneys. That’s pretty cool “behind the scenes” information. :smiley:


This helps. I’m not on Facebook.

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I’m finalizing Evo seeding based on however, with minor adjustments weighing more on last Evo Champ and kiwc champ. I need EVERYONE’S input asap, please. Either the majority of the community agrees or they dont. Thanks.