Todays Xbox E3 live stream

Here are the details on todays Xbox E3 press conference.

Youtube live stream link…4pm Eastern - 1pm Pacific

So far Xbox is killing it! Im super suprised they got the wolrd premiere for From Softs new Souls style game…Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice! Its not Bloodborne 2…but it looks great!

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FINALLY a game I’m interested in! Devil May Cry 5! And it’s NOT an exclusive, fortunately! :heart:

It’s a pretty hype conference. I don’t know if it’s enough…

There hasn’t been any games I’ve been interested in until DMC5!
But there’s still time for more surprises. ^^

Nothing good yet…

Forza Horizon 4 looks amazing, but I don’t know that the world cares about Horizon at this point. It’s too bad because they are good games.

Otherwise I’m see plenty of good lucking stuff that doesn’t do much for me… still time for KI 2, lol.

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Lol. Funny teaser but it would have been nice to see something…

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A lot of beautiful and cool games indeed. I’m just not personally interested in them, but that doesn’t mean they are any less “good”. They’re just not for me.

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Lol. Huge Gears troll…

Gears 5. Looks cool.

Okay, 2 games. Another non-exclusive, luckily. ^^

Nothing really for me.

I miss my sprites…

Like. A lot.

Sadly me neither. A few things I might check out but not eagerly.

What DIDN’T happen was MS revealing a bunch of coming right away exclusive games that they have been working on in secret. So 2018 is basically a completely wasted year on the Xbox.


It’s not wasted. But it’s too bad nothing caught my eye.

I dislike shooters. And that’s basically all that was shown.

At least 8 out of how many games they displayed there had Guns.

The games they showed are great!
But I expected to see more of Halo Infinity and sadly no MK or KI


Halo Infinite and Cuphead are on my cross-hairs.

I agree. Hopefully we have tomorrow for MK

Solid presentation as far as games in general go, even if most of them are multi-plat. Sadly MS getting to show rather than just tell its renewed commitment to developing exclusives is going to have to come later.

Hopefully Nero will have many more weapons and options in this game like Dante. He REALLY dragged down DMC4.