To arms! Maximilian's call for a new KI

I believe #BringBackKI got as far as #5 trending worldwide on Twitter. THAT is absolutely bonkers.


its still sitting at #5 and staying strong (at least in USA) I think we can keep pushing it.


But Phil already said M.S wasn’t done with KI over a year ago… Max even had a vid in 2017 I believe, saying 2019 or 2020 would be a good time to announce either a new game or season… Whats really going on???


Ok. Why does Microsoft care about passionate communities. They care about paying customers.

Also, the franchise isn’t dead just because it’s been two years with nothing happening. A new system is coming soon. Of course they’re not saying anything. And even if they aren’t, it’s gonna be another couple years before we see ANYTHING if this campaign starts up development NOW. I just don’t wanna see constant “bring back KI” spam until MS reveals a new game. Because it’s gonna get annoying.

Exactly. And they’re launching a new console next year AFTER E3. I imagine we’re gonna see a tonne of stuff then and then all these fan campaigns will feel pointless. Like, if they’ve already been working on a new KI for two years or less, and it’s ready to launch with Scarlett, all this campaign is going to do is frustrate the devs at MS.

You know who DOES need s revival campaign? BANJO-KAZOOIE! I hope to god that a sort of N. Sane Trilogy deal for them is a Scarlett launch or even just happens. MS and Sont both have the potential to be my Gen 8 starter (is it Gen 8 or Gen 9. I get it mixed up with Pokémon all the time), they just have to play their cards right next year.

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its great that he said so, i think i read that somewhere long while back. a friendly reminder wouldnt hurt with a fan base who is still up for something new

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Retweeted a few times, and will be there for the stream. Reposted some of my old ideas for KI here as well. You know, just in case.

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100% agree

Don’t paying customers come from passionate communities?

I dunno about you, but given KI’s dormant history before 2013, I’m very skeptical when no news comes around whatsoever.

You’re welcome to ignore it as much as anything else you dislike in this world. I’m usually not in favor of campaigns of this sort, but I really love the game and want to see some kind of info on it, and if this is the way to get it, then so be it.

Is it though? Its their silence that has caused this. It’s not just this community, go quiet in any and you will see a shower of “where is it” campaigns. I suspect they knew it would come.


While I’m always dubious as to the efficacy of fan campaigns (tending to think that devs will do what they’re going to do regardless), I’ll never be against a fandom sharing their love for a franchise by sharing positive stories about how much they love it or how much it impacted their lives. That’s pretty unobjectionable, and to the extent it does reach the devs, it lets them know that their work is loved and appreciated. If this turns from “I love KI and it changed my life” to “you SOB’s better bring back KI” then I’ll be the first to condemn the campaign, but this is not that.

For a variety of nebulous reasons I suspect that a new KI is already being talked about or in a concept phase at least, but I think it’s really cool to see a big outcry from the fandom about how much they love the franchise and want to see it back. KI is the only reason I’m in the FGC (for that matter, it’s the only reason I got on Twitter), and it’s nice to see the community band together and let the world know how much they love it. The game is fantastic and unique, and I’ll always be on board for people wanting to express that to others. :slightly_smiling_face:


im so proud of max. he is amazing person. #BringBackKI


Watching that video made me realize why I played KI in the first place. Even today, I feel as though I can still play as Shadow Jago after months of not playing the game.


I don’t doubt a new KI will happen within the next few years, but it’s great to see this enthusiasm for the series still out there. This game is very special and, at least until we get a sequel, I will never completely stop playing it.


exactly, a fan base throwing positive energy and enthusiasm for KI is a good thing. for the devs who worked long hours during this games dev cycle, to see this appreciation come out of left field, im sure is more than welcome. itll all make sense for them with the work they did, the effort and sacrifice it took to give us 3 seasons. or in IGs case 2, but also giving the game life when it shouldve died swapping dev teams.

we love KI, we kept it going strong and i hope this rallying of the fans shows we are here, we are still hungry for more, and we’re ready to support any new efforts that may come. they wont question after this if theres still a fan base left after radio silence for a long time now.

if i gotta buy the next xbox to play, ill start saving today idgaf, and many of us probably share that sentiment. a ton of ppl grabbed an x1 just for KI, and we will do it again


This has been an awesome push of positivity in the community. It’s gotten all sorts of people talking about KI again. Even Thrillhouse from Double Helix chimed in on Twitter! It got friends of mine I didn’t even know played KI to redownload the game.

Even if nothing particularly special comes directly from the campaign, it’s important that we show how much we love this game/franchise. So play the game, use the Mixer and Twitch apps to stream and get attention, upload YouTube clips or just slam out the hashtags #PlayKI and #BringBackKI to spread the word.

Maybe we’ll see a new entry or a port to bring it to even more people to show them the beauty of KILLER INSTINCT!



Simply put this is awesome. I’ll be on tonight for the first time in a while. I love the positivity brimming in this campaign regardless if it has any effect.

I’m actually a little nervous I hope everything is well server side for the influx of activity that’s about to happen.


ill be dusting off my arcade stick this weekend as well, this has re-lit the fire and im ready to go back to devils landing for an epic slug fest in the pouring rain!

also, maximilian will be streaming KI as well this evening so if anybody feels like it drop by there to push viewer count. i will be doing so


I can’t play tonight. I don’t play online and I have to go to a baseball game with my parents.

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I’m thrilled by this campaign. It’s so amazing to see all this enthusiasm and love for the game. I play it almost every day and I’ll be online tonight for sure. Fight on, everyone.


Cursed baseball game! Shakes fist to the sky! :joy_cat:

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I know right! I don’t even like sports. The only fun thing about going is the food and I’m on a diet!

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