Its about that time again

Every once in a while I like to repost my old ideas for killer instinct. Otherwise they be lost in the forums. Doesn’t seem like anyone thought much of them up to this point. But you never know, right? Maybe some of this might be a good fit for the sequel, if any.

Tag Mode
Teams of two

Characters can only be selected once per team (cannot be Jago/Jago).

Health set at 150% per character.

Team shares an instinct meter, equivalent to 125% normal. Once triggered, it affects whichever character is in play. It however only resets the combo meter of the character who triggered it.

Each character has their own combo meter, which functions the same as it does in standard play. A tagged in player’s meter resumes where it left off when tagged out.

Combo meter also includes a colored “tag” meter under the yellow combo gauge.

Tags can only be performed during combos.

Tags have a set cooldown, can only be triggered two autodoubles after the previous use(in example).

Tags are performed by input command (e.g., qcf+k, f,d,f+p) and may be low med or heavy.

Combo breaker executed at the moment of a tag results in a “tag breaker”.

Tag breakers result in a double throw which grounds the escaping opponent and flings the incoming opponent back offscreen. Both take permanent throw damage.

King of the hill

Up to 8 players

Everyone in the lobby participates

Timer with three sections(current high located in top center)

The game starts with a normal match between two random players, the victor becomes king.

The segmented bar then fills up to %50 on each side of the timer. This is the “log”.

The log slides back and forth as the players fight, shifting with the momentum built from combos. When the log slides fully onto either side of the timer the person whose side of the bar it occupies is defeated. Defeated players are replaced by the next person in line.

If the fight carries on too long, the bar will change color, indicating a form of sudden death play.

In sudden death, when a player has more than half the log on their side, they’re considered to be “carrying the log”. The person carrying the log for more than a few seconds is beaten.

When a king is defeated their time on the throne is updated in the lobby under their gamertag. Players who have been king more than once see their highest time under their tag.

RPG mode

In RPG mode, players take the stock, IG-standard characters and play through scenarios or "missions"with some extra details apart from story mode.

Also among the missions are gauntlets of fighters that can be gone back to and farmed for XP.

Fighters will gain XP, leveling up periodically as they fight. Leveling gains the player skill points that can be used to unlock and customize additional command specials for that character from a pool of, say, four or so.

Existing characters will gain the four new abilities while season 3 characters will be created with particular movesets, including a selection of four extra specials to match the existing cast.

As each character already has a set number of specials, equipping a character with a new special means replacing an old one.

This mixing and matching of specials will add new ways to play each character, similar to MK variations, but with the added depth of a much greater number of possible combinations of moves per character.

RPG mode would also include a random encounter system which will pit players against each other, the winner gaining XP.

XP can be spent to purchase buffered versions of each piece of any character’s cosmetic accessories.

Skill points can buy new moves, or customize already owned moves with new effects. For instance, someone could put a point into upgrading Spinal’s shadow skull, adding a poison DoT that does a set amount of white damage to the opponent. Or, Orchid’s instinct fire cat can be upgraded to grab opponents and hold them in place for a couple of seconds or until she makes contact again.

This idea is incomplete, but this is the general direction I would take it.


Those are some really neat ideas. The tag sounds great, would love special technique for certain match ups like Thunder and Eagle does a special move together. Maybe it takes up two shadow bars to do it.

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I loved it.

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Thanks for the input. I think overall the ideas are pretty solid, it would be nice if one of the team were able to come in here and actually give their thoughts on things.