TJ Combo' Ultimate


Just punnch the enemy towards the screen like SFIV.


TJ’s Ultimate has already been released so there’s no point complaining about it anymore since they most likely won’t come back and change it in any major way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I just don’t get how they made it so bland. The other 5 are great. It almost doesn’t make sense how it could end up like that, and the dev team was cool with it.


KI3 Is now rated M btw. Has been for a while.




The definitive edition is rated M because KI1-2 are bundled in and they both are rated M.


The game itself is not rated M. The Ultra, Supreme, and Definitive Packages are rated M because of the inclusion of the classic games.

Go into the store and the game is still rated T.


Oh that’s my avatar. XD

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You know what guys, I’m really starting to appreciate it a lot more after getting 6 Supremes in Exhibition.

It’s fast, and it fits his character. Walking away from the dead guy, just like he walks away from his past. If that’s considered a good thing. Lmao


Falllccoo…i mean TJJJJJJ PWNNNCCHHH!!


They could have given him of few more punche (auto doubles) then the final hit could be the spinning backfis in slow motion sending the opponnent flying towars the screen and upon impact the bone crunching sound, hear the bell he does his victory pose as in the stage ultra.