TJ Combo Season 3 Rebalance Discussion

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TJ Combo

[-] The Linker version of Tremor has been removed. You can still use the Special version in juggles normally, but after an Opener or Auto Double, it will now trigger the Ender version just like any other Ender-Only special does in golden path combos.
[-] Re-tuned Ender damage to be more in line with the rest of the cast.
-Flying Knee Ender (Exchange) damage increased by ~10% and does the most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Vortex Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~10% and does the 2nd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Powerline Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~15% and does the 3rd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
-Tremor Ender (Meter) damage reduced by ~20% and does the least amount of damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
[-] TJ’s Tumble is now only upper body invulnerable, but still fully projectile invulnerable. He is vulnerable to lows and mids all the way through the roll. It is still also throw vulnerable.
[-] Hitbox size reduced on Medium and Heavy Tremors.
[-] The first few frames of TJ Tremor will no longer crush low attacks.
[-] Shoot Toss starts up 4 frames slower.
[-] You can no longer cancel Shadow Powerline into Spin Behind on block, but it still works on hit.
[+] Shoot Toss KV reduced by 50% for increased Juggle and Combo opportunities.
[+/-] Medium and Heavy Vortex hit 2 and 3 times respectively. All Vortex and Cyclone moves deal less KV for increased juggle opportunities. The amount of hits also helps the opponent know which strength to use for breaking Vortex and Cyclone. Medium and Heavy versions scoot forward a bit more than before on startup.
[+] Shadow Vortex is now fully invulnerable until it becomes active.
[+] Frame advantage on normals improved where possible to make him less negative if he doesn’t cancel, while still allowing a Shoot Toss to grab the opponent if they don’t jump.
[+] Standing LK and Jumping LK cause Flipout.
[+] New Air Target Combo: Jumping LP into LK, which causes Flipout.
[+] Standing HP and Close Standing HP cause Stagger and leaves you plus enough to manual a Light or close Medium.
[+] New Target Combos: TJ Combinations!
-These work on Whiff to help with footsies, juggles, and mixups.
-Far Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Far Standing MP > MK
-Close Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Close Standing MP > MK
-Crouching MP > HP, causes Stagger
-Crouching MP > MK

Oh sure, let’s remove my favorite linker and nerf my favorite “nearly-avoids-everything” move… SIGH


But Geek, you hardly play anyone BUT Aganos anyways… :neutral_face:

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Doesn’t mean I won’t go back to check out the changes. :wink:

I played S3 TJ at the event and his target TJ Combinations are deadly especially when used with the stagger. While in instinct mode he becomes a reset monster with flipout. I didn’t mind the nerfs so much you can still use tremor as a shadow linker and the added frames of shoot toss aren’t so bad. I tried to test more of the air juggles but I dropped my combos :frowning:

So the target combos that TJ has are good on wiff, and should be used as bait? That sounds cool. So hyoe to play TJ soon!

Yes you can control more space now without having to depend on powerline all the time. Also you want to relearn what strengths to use Tremor. The heavy and medium changed up a bit so I whiff some by mistake. Oh yeah one more thing; Kim Wu can Dragon Parry ground hit of Tremor as well.


That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Takes Notes

Oh man my Tj is going to be a monster in rank because of these buffs man

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Gotta watch out for that Kim eh parry then

So much stagger, so much swagger.
I’m gonna have fun figuring out combos composed entirely of manual chain combos :heart_eyes:

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Yes it caught me by surprise haha!

Yes can’t wait to go to the lab and make some swagger stagger combos!

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TJ is super good now. He’s a reset monster now.

I’m super happy about TJ’s changes. I’ve always hated the tremor linker and the fluff utility it had in neutral. So glad that he can abuse normals, I think he should have been a character comprised entirely of normal target combos to begin with.

Glad to see shadow vortex become a true invincible reversal. I guess it makes TJ a bit less free on wakeup, but I just hate reversals that are technically stuffable but which require a peculiar move/timing to beat.

I’m not sure why you’d be bothered by this.

After losing to my good friend, GMacBites, who used it to dish out a great deal of pain on me, I’m not going to miss it very much after all. :wink:

TJ with flipout looks amazing. Can’t wait to Juggle & reset while playing him, and FOUR other people…

(Jago, TJ, Kim Wu, Rash)

Learn another 7 characters and the KI World Cup could be yours. :slightly_smiling:

I could, I’m also learning Thunder, I have a Lvl 50 Omen, I have an Aganos near 50, and I have taken a bit of interest in Wulf, as well as a decent Shadow Jago So that’s…9.



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