Tips to fight against Fulgore

Hello Good Ki Community,

So I just started this thread because I’m getting my a** handed to me against any decent fulgore.

I just don’t see how to deal with him, specially with his fireball teleport behind thing, and his super grabspeed. It feels like there’s no way to deal with him, not close, nor far, nor medium.

If someone can find it in his heart to tell me about his weaknesses and how to deal with him, you’ll be doing something beautiful for a fellow KI player.


p.d: Keep in my mind that I’m a regular fella that is not competitive and is not super Killer Master of the Universe KI rank

First off, can you tell us who you play as? (Im assuming Hisako)I’m no Fulgore expert but I could give a couple tips.

@STLemonHunter you’re a really good Fulgore, maybe you can help better then I can


Hello @FallibleJoker14,

Thank you for your reply,

I’ve been getting my ■■■ kicked with Hisako, TJ Combo, General RAAM and Kim Wu.

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If a Fulgore is using his hard knock down ender (fireball) then a fireball meaty and teleport you will have to guess like everybody else. His Vortex game is really strong. Some characters may have tools to deal with it, others won’t.

Depending on what character you use you have different options. I have nice normals,I’m really not that afraid when he is close, but he is still can be a scary character.


Firstly fulgore’s grab is not faster than any other character’s. But it does have some really good range.

The fireball-teleport setup is very hard to see. So you should expect him to appear behind you and block that way either overhead or low. If you start manage to block that a couple times they’ll usually try to go in front. You can never be 100% sure though.

Fulgore is good at any range. But if you can smother him with pressure he can have a harder time shadow countering due to how his meter works.

His dp doesnt deal with with crossups, with hisako and raam you can abuse that.


I can help with Raam. You’re best friend is shadow grab. You can punish some of his advancing moves like blade dash with it and can even find holes in his pressure by using it. I believe it is 3 frames, so it’s extremely fast.

However Fulgore will most likely try to zone you out, the best thing you can do is walk slowly or use bear grab to kryll cancel. If they try to teleport, ever block backwards or command grab. Most Fulgores just go behind you however good Fulgores can bait that and teleport somewhere else.

Anti Air as much as you can! Cr. HP is a great move and follow that up with light kryll to add on poison.

When you’re in the vortex, you can either a) try to block it (I usually block backwards) or b) wakeup with kryll shield. Kryll shield bests any attacks but loses to grab.

On wakeup, I either like to use MK as a meaty, or use fr.MK to fake it and go for a grab (or just for a raw grab) Cross-ups work well to. Just be wary of that wretched DP.

Just some minor tips I can give. :yum:


Thanks @FallibleJoker14 , @MaruMDQ and @STLemonHunter ,

One thing I find really hard to deal with is his pressure game, I mean…I seriously don’t know how to punish him, I feel like his moves have like no recovery frame (specially his spinning claws thingy), and his normal have good range and good frame speed.

How can I punish fulgores pressure?

Fulgore’s lasers are all negative on block and his blade dashes are only plus if he charges them to max level. If you block these start contesting with a quick button, but beware if he DPs. Those moves arent punishable though, just disadvantageous. Whenever you block a DP punish it as hard as you can


Crouching jabs to knock him out of full screen teleports. Not on wake up…just when they like to tele a lot around the screen.

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Yeah,that one is plus,so expect a follow up (you can still shadow counter that love if you block the first hit).
They can also try to throw after that to put you into vortex.
Lemon explained above which follow ups are negative .
Watch out when his meter has more pips, his speed increase a lot. But like they already told you losing meter or wasting it (even for shadow countering) won’t make Fulgores happy, because it’s something you can take advantage against him :slight_smile:

Also his damage isn’t high, unless he has a lock out and good ammount of meter.

Oh,raw teleport isn’t safe. I think you can punish him .


So here is another question,

Wich characters you recommend for fighting against Fulgore, and why??

Just to understand the logic behind it

RAAM’s shadow command grab is 1 frame.


As a note, Kim Wu doesn’t have to hold Fulgore’s vortex. If he puts a meaty fireball on you, you can just parry it away. There are a few layers of options after that on both sides, but remember that her parry is a side-agnostic reversal that stops anything that isn’t a grab.

In terms of match-ups, Fulgore doesn’t really have any bad ones, since he has options for every range. I think Hisako does pretty well against him though - she’s quite difficult to zone, and has tools on knockdown that pretty well ignore Gore’s defensive options.


Tips from my experience:

-If you are at a distance, there is 80% chance he will shoot fireball or laser. Take the risk and do projectile invincible/going under projectile move, like TJ’s dash into roll. Also, even if you won’t him afterwards, you still escape from his potential teleport mixup.

-To deal with his teleports, jump a lot with pre emptive crossup kicks. It’s my general rule of thumb against teleporting characters.

-My another rule of thumb is, if opponent does not have recapture, be airborne a lot, even if it means you have to jump a lot like an idiot (does not work against Sadiras). But, you minimize your exposure to combos and frustrate him, it’s win/win scenario. Better to let yourself get hit by a fireball or two and a dp in air, than to get comboed for 50% damage.

-You need to learn to shadow counter him, invaluable tool when you are under pressure.

I recommend Tusk. His spirit step into slide counters his zoning well from almost full screen.


I really feel comfortable with Sabrewulf. I can challenge things, my normals are wonderful and I can make him guess if I’m going high or low, also bait DPs. His zoning isn’t the one that scares me the most compared to other characters and his damage isn’t super high. Honestly Shadow Jago is more annoying to fight because of his ambigous cross ups.
Not saying he is easy, his Vortex is probably one of the most annoying in the game, but I can’t hate Fulgore, he has been one of my favourite MUs for ever, like he is the real sub boss in all KI =D (I think this one is the harder one though…)


Really don’t know which character can ignore Sako’s vortex when they are knocked down :rofl:

I think you can do ok with Sako too, you just need to play the MU more. Storm has videos, you can check his sets to have an idea. However, I’m sad we will be getting more Sako players :sob::cold_sweat:


As far as the Kim/Fulgore matchup…

  • Starve Fulgore of his reactor spin speed. Whenever Fulgore has to block something, he loses spin speed and doesn’t gain meter as fast. Kim has tons of multi-hit specials that she can cancel into from pokes to keep Fulgore relatively low on pips.

  • If you’re fighting the type of Fulgore that likes to raw teleport, be ready with L Dragon Kick. When Fulgore teleports in place or in front of you, use it as a means to punish. If they teleport behind, you avoid a good few of his options and escape that setup. If he uses a fireball to force a mixup on you, deny that with her parry. Depending on the player, if they insist on fireball > telport mixups, deny that through parry until they either show you a way that beats parry or they try something else.

  • Watch for opportunities for free punishes. Fulgores like to jump back to create space for their zoning; punish that through M Dragon Kicks. L and M Laser (the ones that hit the ground in front of him) are all negative; make statements with Shadow Dragon Kick if you can. M or H Dragon Kick > Dragon Cancel > Jump normal is an actual punish for H Lasers (if they do not cancel into DP’s). Learn the timing to parry H Lasers so that if they want to keep using them at full screen, they feed you dragons.

  • Utilize Dragon Cannons in instinct. Fulgore should never be able to throw projectiles at you while in instinct as Kim, unless they’re Shadows. They work as great ways to disrupt Fulgore from things they usually get away with, especially considering it travel speed and startup speed of 2f.

  • Kim can outdamage Fulgore, especially when she hits LV4 enders. Don’t be discouraged to be opened up, to be put through Fugore’s vortex or to have to chase him. Kim has literal +30% damage one-chance break combos. In some ways, he has to combo you nearly twice as many times as you would to drain his life bars.

Aside from these things, the best thing is to find a Fulgore player wiling to play some games with you to get your knowledge up about the matchup.


Thank you all for your wonderful Help :smile: , you deserve al the KI love you can get <3 <3

So to make a summary of all:

-Basically Fulgores need to be constantly atacking so they can make their reactor spin
-If you pressure fulgore, even if he is blocking, he will get hurt because he cannot shadow counter and the reactor looses speed.
-The closer to him the better, don’t give him space because his zoning gives him reactor speed
-Pick characters that can deal close pressure to him

Am I missing something?

Actually, zoning makes him lose speed. Attacking you makes him gain speed.

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Ok, so shooting plasma is detrimental for fulgore? That means that forcing him to zone without confirming is going to hurt him?

His teleport, lasers and fireballs slow down his meter gain