Tips to fight against Fulgore

Fulgore gains spin speed by attacking with his normals, his DP, Blade Dash and his linkers. So he’s rewarded with pips for longer combos with linkers and by making you hold pressure.

Fulgore loses spin speed by using energy systems (his lasers, fireballs and teleports), taking hits on block, getting knocked down and it just goes down over time. So he’s hampered by using his zoning (by choice or by being forced), runaway tactics, his fireball > teleport mixups and playing too patient.

I feel like Wulf should be able to light eclipse a lot of the side-switch divekick stuff, no? It comes out pretty fast, and teleport divekick always takes the same(ish) amount of time to come out, so should be able to do it on reaction most of the time I’d think? :thinking:

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Nah. Shago and Aria mostly can. Vertical DP’s can’t be made to miss, so they get a bit more breathing room than most of the cast.

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Sadly it’s harder than it seems, I prefer trying to block and get the punish reward. But you can buffer light eclipse vs some mixups Shago can try after his forward HK during blockstun. They seem to work offline better than online. Still, you have to be waiting for them. It covers 3 options to knock him off the mixup, which I think it’s good :slight_smile:

You know, I really tried Riptor in that MU , but all in all I feel way more confident with the Wulfie xD

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In a lot of ways he’s a snowball character, so the best thing you can do is stop him from gaining momentum. If you can make a right read early on and put him on the defensive, you can potentially get a lot of mileage on his life bar before he’s able to escape. Just watch out for his invincible DP.

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Yeah, there’s something to be said for character familiarly. Even in a bad MU, knowing intuitively how to move and respond to certain things counts for a lot, and can be a bigger weight in your favor than having a “favorable” fight.

To be honest, I’m probably better at fighting Riptor than Wulf at this point. People like to counter pick when they see Sako, so it’s a fight that even in S2 (when Riptor beat Sako 7-3) I was quite accustomed to and proficient in. At this point, if you’re not a world-class Riptor player, I’d recommend just sticking with your main if you fight me.


Hello @Blacklash93 , I was thinking the same but I dn’t know how to cut his momentum.

Any advice on that?

The best way is probably first to learn to read and counter his teleport mixups, since he uses those a lot. While his teleport is fast and tricky, he actually can’t directly chain into anything from it so it can always be punished if he isn’t covering it with a fireball. And even if he is you can still find ways to work around it with jumps and projectile-invincible moves.

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This was of great help to understand how to turn Fulgore into Arduino parts.

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