Tips dealing with Eyedol

I’m running into him in ranked a lot and just wondered if anyone had any general tips I could use against him.

His jump in is very good, is there any character that can actually AA him?

Is jumping in a bad idea in general when he’s in warrior stance?

I’m currently playing as Mira. Main was Hisako in season 2.

Give it 2 weeks and half the Eyedols will be gone. This happens every month with the new character.

Try to avoid jumping in all the time, because good players will Destroy you over that move. It will not matter if they are Eyedol or not. Try starting Mira’s AA move sooner and see if that helps with the jumping Eyedols

1.Don’t get hit.
2.Anti air his jumps with Dps and stuff. If not available,Down-HP usually works if timed right.
3.Don’t jump if they can anti-air.
These 3 things work all the time.

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Don’t get hit? I might be wrong, but isn’t that the goal for every match no matter who you play? :grin:

Yep. That is why I said all the time :smiley:

This evening was the 1st time I ran into 1 of “these” Eyedols. He beat my Aganos with almost nothing but j.HP and DPs. He would mix them up and frame trap me with the former and then juggle me with the latter. To make matters worse, he would consistently mixup his DPs so I couldn’t break him effectively. I still remember him hitting me with 3 DPs in a row… It’s so sad to see someone win like that. I practice Eyedol and learn all these great setups and lose to 1 who only knows how to use 2 moves? Seriously!?


The key to breaking Eyedol’s DP is to wait and see if he hits you a second time. Light doesn’t juggle, and medium hits you just once so it’s kind of a guess. Generally they need to use Heavy to recapture you so they can cash out.

I already figured this part out; I just haven’t had much of a chance to practice it.

Down HP is not advisable, It works in very few cases. his Jump HP is too good

Eyedol forward Mp , overhead move is an option that recaptures too when timed.

My main issue is dealing with his j.HP. I can’t seem to got air to air with him and I can’t AA him (not as Mira it seems). It’ll be easier once I can get in training with him and actually figure our what I can do. So far I’ve found going into Mist helps with his j.HP but it’s not something I can consistently due to health.

If your character has a long-range aerial button, anti-air his j.HP shenanigans with jb.[button] (like Hisako or Glacius). This might not work when he’s jumping RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, but if you can keep a little space between you, you should come out on top.

Also, Hisako mostly doesn’t care about Eyedol. If she’s got her head in the game, there’s nothing he can really threaten her with except LP Clobber and his command grabs. She’s got answers to both stances, and then some, and her jb.HP will really make Eyedol rethink the value of his own j.HP.

Shadow Jago specific advice, stay at full screen against his Mage and nuetral jump to avoid his floor electricity attack. When he calls in a meteor, or pretty much anything you can qcf shadow kick to get a combo off of him. Finish with the battery ender not damage ender. Even more so than normal Shadow Jago can’t win this fight without meter.

Play as RAAM, :grin:

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To differentiate between HP-DP and the Forward MP, just wait to see if his feet hit the ground before the recapture. FMP has fair bit of startup, so you can usually anticipate it.

Are serious or is that a Troll? Really if he is I would like to know what the MU is like :slight_smile:

No dude, I’m actually serious.

I’d like to think it’s in RAAMs favor, especially during Eyedols warrior stance. His Mage stance is the one thing that can be difficult to deal with, but because usually he’ll be forced to switch stances once he gets to spammy with his zoning it isn’t as bad.

Jumping HP is a no for Eyedol, despite how good it is, RAAMs heavy kryll catches him and chips him enough so that he stops from using it. Warrior stance isn’t as threatening considering it doesn’t do all that much damage, plus it brings him in close range.

Based on my experience, I like this matchup more than my main Jago.

Eyedol is So OP. its hilarious. His Q uater forward punch is plus on block, so most eyedols will keep doing it over and over till it hits. Sometimes I just lose track of how I was hit. He can cancel his run on the last active frame into a jump or a grab or a jab jab, so u have to constantly guess. His crouching Mk has long range and his MP overhead is reaches insanely far too. His jabs also have so much priority. He can also cancel his forward HP, triple roundhouse into jumps to make it safe. I dont even waana mention that Jump HP. I dont wanna talk about insinct. He has an unblocable in instinct. . If he does shadow DP, the meteors, will rain , if u block high, he can do QF punch and put electricity on the floor. EYEDOL IS SOOO BROKEN…

He doesn’t have an unblockable. Shadow meteors can be blocked low


I disagree. This is a very bad MU for RAAM. Just on the basic scale, EYEDOL’s jabs and normals completly inteurrupt raam in all his moves. Raam needs to be close. Eyedol has good DP to stop his hardknockdown pressure. U cant depend on Raams heavy kryll, cuz eyedol will easily hit you to remove the kryll. IMO against eyedol, unless u are a good player, dont pick RAAM. pick a chracter with a true reversal like cinder, jago, those are the best against eyedol. I am a decent Raam and I can tell you guys.