Don’t forget about He-Man!

Lion-O and He-Man accessoires for Tusk’s retro!

[quote=“KevBones10, post:41, topic:4666”]
Lion-O and He-Man accessoires for Tusk’s retro!
[/quote]More specifically I’d like to see Thunder Punch He-Man armor:


Hahaha! Nice! Childhood memories are coming back…

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How about prince Adam? : D

I’m wondering,would they have to pay licensing rights for those alt costumes, if so, it’s a nice wish, but Indont see them paying just for outfits…

I was just suggesting they make a similar costume, something that says “we’re referencing X” without actually using X. Kinda like how Jago has wooden tiger gloves & boots that are blatantly referencing Voltron.

Ok, didnt notice that, not that familiar with voltron.
A bit like, is not as cool though as a realistic look-a-like outfit

Right, but the way it was done they don’t have to worry about acquiring the rights to use it.

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats!!! HOOOOOOOO!!!

I see your point, cool for who ever likes it, might get a little kick out of something like that myself. But not really a must have for me then. If it was a lifelike costume I could really pretend to play as that person.

Well what do you think of TJ’s alternate outfits then? I don’t think they would have to get licenses for these costumes if they’re altered enough to be technically different but look as similar as possible.

Yeah, I like them, them seem higher quality too for some reason, probably because they cover his entire body and not just accessoiries (sp?). I’d rather have this for every character even if it comes at the cost of different colors.

That said, his body type (and even face) matches for example his Blade outfit. And since his fighting style is more general than just boxing its not a problem either.

Ok, I guess I convinced myself a lion-o, he-man or even Conan could be a skin for Tusk, since his moves (big sword) will probably match those characters aswell.

Someone mentioned somewhere a Master Chief skin for the Arbiter, that I cant see happening due to bodily issues…