Tusk is He-man…

Tusk is Lion-O too…

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Tusk, Conan and He-man are all very similar.

The only things they have in common with Lion-O are that they are all male sword wielders.

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Tusk is indeed like He-Man. But the Thundercats (Lion-O) with there cat like features move differently. They are much more agile which makes them more appealing for KI. I personally don’t really like Tusk but maybe Iron Galaxy made him more awesome in season 3.

But don’t you think they will continue with season’s? If not they will create a new Killer Instinct probably with new graphics and running on a new engine. I have the feeling that they will wait with the new KI for the next Xbox launch.

I would say not exactly a Thundercat, but definitely an original human/cat hybrid would be pretty cool. After all, we already have a Voltron reference in Jago & a Power Ranger reference in Riptor. But if they went with cat-person, they could have nods to other cat characters in general: Maybe a nod to Felicia from Darkstalkers, Hello Kitty, any other anime cat-girl, hell, even a Garfield reference perhaps. Of course I’m mostly thinking of silly retro costumes, but something akin to maybe Lion-O or Cheetara, maybe even pull some inspiration from Catwoman (I know I’m mostly referencing girls, just bear with me)…who knows?

Hey! This just came to mind…what if they did add a cat-person, & turns out it was actually Jago’s Tiger Spirit…the real one…like maybe Gargos had him/her locked up & he/she somehow got loose & now wants revenge!! Make it Happen IG!!

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I hope they do, but how many characters is too many for a fighting game?

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I don’t think there’s a definite answer to that, but in most cases I’d say a single person can only really get good at a handful of characters. Heck, even in MK2, where everybody is essentially identical save for a few special moves, there were some that I couldn’t really wrap my head around. I will say though that when you get a roster of 30+ characters & you’re viewing it for the first time the choice of characters is a bit daunting, especially if you’re just casually wondering into the game. I just started playing Guilty Gear recently & so far…yeah…I’m kinda ok with Alex…& that’s about it.

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Human/Cat hybrid sounds great!
But i am not sure if i like the idea about Jago’s Tiger Spirit… Will the character look similar like Jago? Because we already have Jago and Shadow Jago.

I understand how you feel but isn’t it fun to have much choice? It is not nescessary for to play with every character. At this point i only use 2 character’s. But the choices makes everything much more interesting. And new character’s also means new Stages! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be another Jago clone. In fact I’d prefer if its look/moveset were entirely different & it was only related to Jago in lore. After all that’s how it was with Gargos in KI2 & he wasn’t a Jago clone.

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That’s a great idea as well! Where can i find the Riptor - Power Ranger reference? If they bring in Voltron ore a Power Ranger that would be really crazy! They are not good character’s for KI. And Voltron is way to large.

But indeed the Voltron reference could be a hint for bringing in a Cat being.

It’s one of the accessories for her classic design…she has a big red & yellow armor set.

Okay i will check it out.

The good side in having a big cast is also that even if we only have one or two mains, we will have a huge diversity in match ups.

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Yes that’s true. It makes everything much more interesting.

Another good point for having a Thundercat-like character in the game…Mum-ra’s already in KI.

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Mumra accessoires for kan ra and Lion O accessoires for Tusk :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea! As long as they bring the ThunderCats in ore a Human/Cat Hybrid it’s okay for me! lol :slight_smile: