Hello KI community!
Would it not be awesome to have the ThunderCats in the game? If Iron Galaxy could bring in the ThunderCats that would be really amazing! They are perfect for KI! Please KI team make this happen! :slight_smile:

Lion-O in KI would be awesome!

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Hello Causingthought6,

I am very happy you agree with me. Indeed Lion-O would be awesome! Actually many characters from the ThunderCats are perfect for KI. If you like this idea please share and talk about it because it’s the only way to make it a reality. Thanks for your reaction. :slight_smile:

IMO, 2 guest characters is already too many.

IG is too creative to have to suppress their imaginations and rely on guests to this extent. Nostalgia really is not important as people want it to be.

Ha, sure why not. I used to love them. xP

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(cough) He-Man is better than this… (cough)

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But for the next season?

Since none of them have anything to do with KI, why not just request a completely separate game of only guests? :slight_smile: People have been wanting more fighting games on the Xbox One anyway.

GI Joe VS Thundercats VS He-Man vs My Little Pony vs Pokemon vs Ninja Turtles. Perfect for the kids.

Oh dear… No! That will be worst!

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Hahaha! Okay. I respect your thoughts.

Said it before, would love a ninja turtle. Have Donatello open a portal that leads to KI universe and u have an isolated excuse seperate from main story.

Would love a Bo staff fighter and a ninja turtle versus cool rip-off Battletoad matchup.

But we have Rash already…

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Mixed feelings on this. I loved watching the original Thundercats cartoon in the 90s, and I do think a Thundercats character could work well in KI - but I don’t want any more guests in Killer Instinct.

At the very LEAST, I don’t want more than two guests in Season 3 - I suppose it could still work if we end up with a fourth Season. I would say Lion-O, Panthro, or Cheetara would be my first choices, though the twins as a dual character would be interesting too.

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It will definitely not happen for season 3. But more seasons will follow… Thanks for your comment!

And with KI World Cup signing on for 2 more years, who knows, maybe we WILL see a S4. I certainly would love for KI to go on for as long as possible.

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For sure more season’s will come. And i have a feeling that they will create a new Killer Instinct that will run on a new engine and use it as a launch titel on the next Xbox.

One of the reasons I love the newer Mortal Kombat games have guest characters from things other than video games. The problem is it is hard to find perfect non-video game character fits for other fighters. ThunderCats and He-Man were the only things like that I could think of would fit Killer Instinct. Either would be awesome.


I think it would be cool if we had more than two guest characters if they were all bonus characters. We do need something big to come with the Ultra Edition sense their is no Killer Instinct 3 Classic Game for it to be bundled with.

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The speed , agility and Cat like features makes the Thundercats very appealing for KI. It would look awesome. But i do not see that with He-Man… But maybe that’s just my personal taste.

Awesome idea but not sure it would have the same appeal as the arbiter though. How many characters do you think KI will end up with. I wouldn’t like it to end up with too many. That’s just cause I don’t have the time to learn the matchups :frowning: