Thunder Mains, our thoughts & Issues


Sooooo . . does anyone here still have good feelings about Thunder with the release of all the new s3 characters & rebalance attributes per character? We’ve had some time to reevaluate MUs within the season at this point, & I’m eager to see what everyones perspective is on the grappler to date. To me, using Thunder feels like s2 with new moves. I don’t feel like Thunder has really moved up or down in tier. He’s great up close, but getting there is still an issue. I swear with all of the things that pop up on the screen sometimes, the damn game looks like MVC lol. Are his methods to get in as good as they should be? Does he need more? Does he need less? Thoughts and opinions?


I’m not a hardcore player but i play Thunder he is currently my only level 50 character. I feel he hasn’t gone to far in any direction and I’m good with that.


Thunder is my original main character, but I haven’t relearned or played him since Season 3 started, as I have been playing a single character each month as a way of better learning the game, what each character is capable of or wants to do, and adding to my playable roster.

I have fought some seriously skilled Thunders in Ranked who really had the flipout mixups down, and I think that while it’s a little different than it used to be, Thunder’s game got stronger. I see more Thunders using Call Of Sky (I personally hated the later S2 version and preferred the lightning bolt) so it looks like that change functions well, too.

Once I dig back into Thunder’s new game I will try to remember to post back here.


I started playing in December '15 and have been exclusivley playing the big guy from the tribe.

I think he is still good in S3 and probably the second best character to use flipout. (Nr. 1 being TJ imo). I still enjoy playing him and taking away his easy vortex (removing hard knockdowns from dmg and battery ender) was a reasonable change. Getting a hard knockdown for a setup and dmg/meter on top of that was a bit too strong.

I’m not the biggest fan of tierlists in general but if i had to put him in one he is probably somewhere in the middle. I saw a lot of people talking about him being top 5 but i cant see that at all. Main reason for this are his MU. IMO he only wins 1 MU (tusk) and goes even or loses against the rest. Cant really talk about Raam MU havent played it that often, but he might be winning this aswell, need to play more (better) RAAM’s to make sure.

Lots of people arguing that he is super strong with flipout and that what makes him top tier. Well like i said i agree that he can use flipout better than most of the cast, but flipout being universal and breakable kinda weakens that argument. And if you compare the mixup potential of some other characters in S3 with thunders flipout mixups i dont feel like its too strong.

I still have a lot of fun with him and will probably continoue playing him. With him its still more about reading and conditioning your opponent than having mixups and setplay which fits my personal playstyle.

For the future i would be fine if he gets some small Adjustments but if he doesn’t i think thats fine too.


I still think thunder takes time and patience but can be very rewarding if played smart.


Very true indeed. I just wish the entire game was that way. I hate how almost every other character in the cast can just do stuff lol.


(I.e. FULGORE!, spinal, SADIRA!, maya, kan ra, ARIA, OMEN


It’s frustrating because they are honest to god stupid shenanigans that thunder just has to be patient to get in


Exactly. lol, Our guy has to make HARD reads.


I think Thunder is a lot more fun this season with his flip outs and juggle opportunities. It has really invigorated my want to play as him.


He’s fun indeed, the idea of his flip out is great, but the execution at high level play isn’t so friendly when you’re in competitive play lol


Wanna play a set sometime?


Sure, add me up. I’m actually online right now.


hey you guys still online. it would be nice to see how your play style with Thunder


I’m on.




Haven’t touched Thunder since the end of Season 2 as he was my main for Season 1. However it looks like flipout really helps him keep pressure at close range. The DP alone can catch people off guard and lead into some resets and combos. From what I’ve seen though, he hasn’t really moved up but he does have the tools to remain a dangerous character up close.


I main sabrewulf, thunder, and tusk, and atm the only character I have gripes with is Sabrewulf. The new move really gives tusk the ability to close in and I think it’s an improvement from the last season


Truthfully I’m beginning to think Thunder sucks. . .


Nooooooooo. I disagree completely.