Thunder Mains, our thoughts & Issues

As an Aria player, allow me to apologize first. Also, if I ever “move on” from KI, it would be because of the reason you mentioned. I never bothered to try Thunder or Wulf, and still regret it but I play games for fun. Having to run around and dodge stuff for 20 seconds is not my definition of fun. But the game always evolves so maybe in 2019 I’ll have my chance to play Thunder.

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I promise you a he kinda sucks. He by far has some of the worst MUs in the game. You play Thunder right?

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It’s definitely NOT fun at all lmao.

I do. I think thunder doesn’t. I can’t see half the cast dealing with him up close. The other half has equal if not better options in neutral.

I feel like some of his MUs have improved somewhat because it’s harder to zone him out. It helps when you DP + MK. Time it just right and you’re literally flying through the air from almost full screen and you’re right in your opponent’s face.