Thread Hi-Jacked Trolled Ignore

Hisako is hitting riptor at times up to a FULL
second late!!! The animation is oblivious,
riptor is not even being hit! there is no contact.

If this is how its going to be, On PC your should
be able to rage quit instead of closing the app.


Hey. There is a thing called studying frame data and hitboxes. Just a helpful hint :wink:

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I know it was way out the box, I was going to
record it but I was ticked off.

All the more reason to do it.

Also, what would ragequitting solve? The feeling of I don’t wanna put up with this (insert cursing and racial slurs here) character? Nah. Git gud and adapt. Learn the matchups.


Rage quitting is a fantastic idea after getting tea bagged.

Want to try me out online fight?
Ill show you git gud…

Riptor beats most hisakos…

It’s in the dino’s favor man.

I kinda don’t have a right to say this because I lose to Storm179 but he is Storm179 so…

Also RQ is never an option.

So Git Gud like I’m doing I guess…?

I can beat her most of the time, I think its a bug.
I got some really abusive tactics with Riptor.
Some real off the wall, unorthodox footsies…

Half the time i bite, bite and throw, and burn
the person to death, the other half its combos.

Want to play? I never played anybody from the forums.


Lets do it!

my best practice when i was playin a low tier character was :wink:

xbox central ------> close the game then search for another character who’s better fit with you.

also riptor eat hisako, butthe ghost girl got a hitbox bigger than herself. just deal with it lol

Sure. Gimme a sec.

Going online if anybody wants to play

RQ’ing just shows how the other person is outright bigger than you (from a maturity sense). They bodied you, its whatever. You lost a close game, its whatever. It don’t matter. So long as you’re able to play the match in the first place. Also, on the subject of challenging me. You nor @G0tei13Izaragi can handle the RAAM hands. Don’t ask to play unless you wanna be command grabbed to death.

No… Your trying to tell me to Git good, and I m telling you, Ill body you,
and make funeral arrangements cause Im nice.

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Sent invite.

The basic point is to adapt and be flexible around the B.S. Also, I do have a job y’know. I live in NYC.

I eat Raam for breakfast.

cool be right there, getting hot in here lol.

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