Thread Hi-Jacked Trolled Ignore

Dont forget the ggs thread!! after your sets :wink:


Soon as my job let me go and I get back to my place Ima dead body that.
Me after reading the challenge request:

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@JouksNetlander WTF Is wrong with your net?!

Did you body dat boi? Also if its a lagfest forget playing me.

No! I was telporting and playing in slowmo…

Lol. Know that feeling… :sweat_smile:

In other news, Riptor beats Hisako. If you think you saw a weird bug of some sort, record a clip of it so that we can try and break down the interaction. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you’re just getting tagged by some massive rollback stuff though - your connection with me the other day was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in KI.



EDIT: It’s a lot better on Devil’s landing

That was cool thanks.

Wanna play?

No problem but please…

Fix your net.

And stop doing so many mediums.

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7-5, worked, what did you thinkof my biting?

Behind a network. sorry.
Better around 7-8 PM

Just to make sure, no lag, comeback around 8:00PM
Im behind a cooperate network and everybody streams Porno.
Ill make funeral arrangements + Riptora has to do her nails.

LOL those mediums put Spinal in his grave.

I broke most of them though… In lag hell mind you.

I know it got bad.
Fun though!


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Hisako surely gets away with a lot but don’t let Storm’s Hisako fool you into thinking she’s the best. Storm is just an amazing player.

Hisako has a magnitude of weaknesses if you bait the counters or stop her shinanigans.


I work night shifts starting at 6:30. No can do bruh. And don’t take it as wussing out, it’s more so, Life called. Kinda needs me right then. If you’re in an alt. timezone, even worse.