Thoughts on Update 3.11.15

I didn’t get to watch the show live (parenting) I watched it later and wanted to give my thoughts about it.

No doubt everyone is going to be talking about the increased lvl cap and additional free colours for all characters. I felt these remixed colours looked insane for all characters apart from the humanoid ones. I just felt it didn’t hit the mark with the human characters, kinda looked a little weird.

Some real standouts though like Arbiter and RAM had some insane ones. Personally I would have liked the human characters to keep their natural skin colour but then have the gold and purple on their attire.

Like Jago in a black and gold outfit for example.

I understand the reasons behind it and I’m not moaning because hell it’s free.

Certainly hope IG is the team that will continue to work on the franchise going forward. I have a feeling something else is cooking.

I’m super excited for one reason in particular: this skin.

I have been wanting a Purple/Gold Fulgore skin for YEARS! This is going to be the very first thing I grind out because it looks absolutely majestic!


This and Kilgores were insane. I wasn’t keen on the human ones but I look forward to unlocking them when the update goes live.

That Arbiter Anniversary 2 with the Black and Red was nice.

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I guess my rare Spinal color is no longer rare :sweat_smile: I won a code for the extra color by beating the turbo tunnel challenge at KI world cup 2017. Honestly I’m glad people get to enjoy it finally, I have talked to some very dedicated Spinal mains who have had a hole in their hearts for years.

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I’m really excited about this too!

are these skins coming inthe update? or have they already

April 2nd, the final update (or so they say).

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be vigilent

The finale update? Now we make demands for the third final update whole roster ultimates

Just watched the stream, I think the QoL changes are great, I love the new remix colors and I’m very grateful for the addition of the Ultimate Source colors! KI getting new content 10+ years after release is truly a blessing. I know we may not get new content anymore, but honestly the game feels perfect and content rich as it is now (the unobtainable colors were my only remaining gripe with the Anniversary Edition - those and the removal of KI1&2 classic, but I think there may be forces at work other than IG that led to that). It would be cool if we could have Ultimates for every character, but I think that’s way more work than they can handle right now, and I can live without those.

Honestly love this. Some of the skins look really cool (and some look downright bizarre lol). But seriously, and I mentioned this in another thread already but it bears repeating: How often does a game go dormant for like SIX years, only for devs to return to it and start putting out new content, and for free, no less?

In a world where Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter want to take every dollar they can out of your pocket, this is such a cool gesture on the parts of Iron Galaxy and Xbox. I’ve had these character’s levels maxed out for years, so to come back to the game and start grinding away again, I dunno, I just love that.

No shade intended at those other games. I love them and I’ve loved those series for decades, but the juxtaposition is pretty wild. NRS is over here selling fatalities for ten dollars and individual character accessories (one single accessory!) for like three dollars and here Xbox and IG come at you with “oh we’re raising the level cap by 15 levels and here’s a whole bunch of stuff you can get simply by playing. Oh and the stuff you had to buy figures to get as part of a promotion? Yeah that’s all just included in the game now.”

So mindblowing and honestly refreshing. My guess is that they’re maybe bringing players back to KI a bit so they can drop news of the sequel and that stuff won’t be free like this in the future but honestly? I don’t really care. Yeah, it’d be great if we kept getting a great value, but just doing this stuff alone so many years after the game was considered complete is just awesome to me. Really appreciate the people that had a hand in this game before and appreciate them all that much more now.


Update: I got it :sunglasses:
Loving the update so far. Hopped on Ranked last night for the first time in ages and had a fantastic time.

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Somebody should get Maximillian Dood to make a video on the latest update…

Looks like he did it!

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Yeah I spent a nice little chunk of the weekend working my way backwards from Eagle to Jago getting my characters up to level 65. So far I have Eagle and Eyedol done. Next up is Raam. Honestly forgot how fun this game is and what it’s like to get a nice trickle of XP after every match. Not to throw shade but man, once you beat the Invasions season in MK1, progression slows to an absolute crawl. MUCH prefer KI’s approach even when they don’t have XP weekends.

Of course, the good news there is that there’s another XP weekend coming up starting at midnight 4/12! LFG!! :slight_smile:

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It might just be that I suck at KI and lose most of the time, but I’m having a difficult time leveling characters (not that I mind too much, I like having a goal to slowly work towards, but some of the new skins are very enticing)

I just love that KI is getting some attention from Microsoft again. I wish there was a chance we could get new content like characters and stages but I realize that we’d probably have to wait for a new game to get anything like that.

I just hope KI2 (if it happens) takes a page from some modern games like Overwatch and rolls over all it’s content from the previous installment into the next one.

Like many have said, it is a rare treat that a game that was “finished” in 2016 is getting so much love. As a whole I’ve loved all the changes and the new colors to shoot for. As a KI fan, it’s a dream come true to see life brought back into one of the greatest fighting games ever made. It’s also awesome to see so many new faces jumping in and experiencing it for the first time. While I loved MK1’s story mode, I’m just not digging the dial-a-combo fighting system. It feels dated and stale. I love SF6, but for all its glitz and glam, SF still hasn’t captured the magic that was in SF4. No matter how many cool fighting games I play, I just can’t help but keep coming back to KI and that is a testament to how well developed this game is.

Now having said that, I still feel that Sadira and Kim Wu need more love. When I look at metric scores of the other characters and these two, they aren’t just at the bottom, they are lagging far behind the other characters. Most characters are in the high 30s and 40s (With Aria at 55), but Sadira and Kim Wu are freaking 25, with Sadira slightly below her. I was REALLY hoping that these two characters would get something crazy, like Jago’s buffed up DP, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, Eyedol is dumb… in a bad way. I would love to see his head-switch put him in the negative, versus becoming a “get out of jail free card”.

The only thing I’m very disappointed about and this won’t be the last time you’ll hear from me about this, is the inability to block people in Ranked. I absolutely, 100% understand why the decision was made to not block people in Ranked. I know you don’t want people block good players just to avoid playing them and thus get easy stars, but folks you have players with 80+ stars that have cheated their entire way there, from lag switching, hacking, to target farming, it’s ruined the fun and challenge of getting stars. Most people who’ve been around ranked can literally tell you who I’m talking about, so I don’t have to name names. As I mentioned privately to the community managers, I block people who give me grief. I’ve run afoul to online bullies who literally go out of their way to make my experience miserable. While I’ve reported such people, I rarely have seen any action taken against them. These folks though make up less than 10 of the population. There are also people I’ve blocked because their connection is so abysmal it’s not even fun. Being that we HAD the ability to block people and lost it, makes it doubly frustrating. As an individual who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, to be intentionally heckled by some toxic individual is awful, but then to keep running into the same individual is simply an awful experience.

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