Thoughts on Recore?

Recore looks pretty good. The only problem I have is, it’s only 39.99, which leads me to believe it’s a short game. The gameplay looks fun but I wouldn’t wanna buy a 10 hour game with no replay value. Does anyone know about the length of the story? I expect single player games to have long story modes, but I’m not sure this one will have it.

Funny I was just looking some recent trailer of the game not too long ago lol.

While I can see the shorter price tag rubbing some people the wrong way, for what I’ve seen, It seems to be a pretty solid game. This game has been on my radar for some time and I plan on pre-ordering it soon. I really want this game to do well. Especially when Mighty No. 9 (another Comcept game) left a real bad taste in people’s mouths about the company.

Yea I’ve been following it since it was first revealed at e3 in 2014? I want it to be as good as it looks. And I want it to be big in length/content as something like the zelda games. I’m probably gonna get it but wanna know how much content it has lol

I don’t like the look of the mechanics/display. Doesn’t seem like my kind of game.

I just don’t like the points that show up when hitting enemies lol

That pre-order bonus game tho.

Can’t see myself buying it full price on launch but it does look pretty fun.

Banjo nuts and bolts? I heard it’s not very good but idk I’ve never played banjo games lol. Its not really a full priced game since its 39.99 lol

It isn’t as a Banjo game but it’s decent in its merits although there’s literally no value to it if you bought Rare Replay.

I should’ve worded that part a little better. Although it looks fine, it just doesn’t seem worth $40 to me. Who knows, I may change my mind within the next few weeks. Just hope it’s not a 6 - 8 hour game.

That’s what makes me not want to buy it, the fact that it could be only 6-8 hours long lol

MS clarified the price point as a new strategy by making new IP’s cheaper because they dont have an inbuild fanbase and they still need to build it…

The lower price is a good selling point. It simultaneously makes me intrigued and concerned.
The only little niggle I have with it is that I wonder if it was priced down to make it seem “less bad” to help disguise quality dips.
Otherwise, launching with a lower price is a good thing for anyone who actually wants to play it, and it may take me from on the fence to interested in getting it. Hell, I’ve seen terribad games come out at full price, and a company willing to put up a new IP at a competitive price is definitely not something I’d say no too.
In fact, I think $40 should become a new standard for game prices, especially for exclusive games.

I haven’t seen a lot of gameplay outside of the E3 trailer, and I’m kinda strapped for cash and pessimistic, so I’ll probably wait for reviews, but it certainly looks cool.

The game looks stale and generic to me, at least they should have tried a jak and dexter / rachet clank type of gameplay. The shooting scenes look like a free to play tower defense game

It was also hinted by a game director that the game is 8 hours long. The website mentioned 12 hours, which is still WAY too short. To me it seems like that’s the real reason behind the price.

I’m waiting for reviews lol

Well, too be fair…a lot of 8 hour games are full price…and it never stopped them.

That said, maybe this price point is simply the sweet spot for this game. MS is being pretty smart about their marketing lately.

While I’m intrigued by this game, I feel like every podcast I listen to that talks about this game tends to be rather unfavorable towards it, at least from what they’ve played of it at various events.

Sorry, I know that’s super vague, but if I recall correctly, IGN, Bombcast and GameInformer were the ones I’ve listened to ReCore impressions on. I just don’t remember which episodes or what they said specifically. Just remember the general sentiment not being overly positive, which surprised me a bit given that they weren’t talking about a final review of the final code.

I hope it’s good. I feel like it has a charm to it that makes me want it to succeed.

I don’t mind what companies say. I like what I see, I’m just worried about the amount of content.

I am more worried about Inafune being the producer. Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z?? The way that was produced and released didn’t help his post Capcom reputation. Mighty no. 9??

I recently watched a trailer to see what the gameplay was like…

It looks like Sonic Boom.

No, really.

It looks like Sonic Boom gameplay with Borderlands Art style. Even down to the small animation errors.

The camera work looks like Sonic Boom, The Platforming and character motion looks like Sonic Boom, the Robots are visually, conceptually, AND Mechanically similar to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, and every interaction in the game seems very typical of other similar games from the past. (I got a HINT of a “Ratchet and Clank” vibe as well.)

The more i watch the trailer, the more i see it. And thats not a good thing. I dont have hopes for this game, but maybe when the story gets some spotlight, i will be persuaded.

Is it 30 fps?