Thoughts on Mira:

Gonna keep this breif: While I don’t like her design (typical human with fangs cliche’) I actually like everything else about her. She’s fun to listen to when she talks, she’s fun to play as. Granted you really gotta play smart with her.

So yeah those are my thoughts. I originally figured I’d just play her once and forget she existed except when I occasionally fight her. I actually played her multiple times today. She may not be main material for me. But she’d be fun to play every now and then.

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I really like her. I would love to have has as a good pocket character, but idk if I am good enough to use her effectively tbh. I feel like I end up killing myself most of the time lol though its only day 1. so ill stick with her for a few more days and see how I feel.

Her attacks lack intensity, making her boring to watch.

I like her… she feels more like a season 1-2 character than the 4 S3 characters. S3 characters to me are different and very powerful right now.

Yeah, she seems fun to play. I was suprised with her damage output (over 50% meterless, easy) and her health regen potential. She made me think of Cammy, with her drill and Rose, with her anti air throw. She even has similar setups to with her bats and the airthrow.

I like the airdash and mistform as well.

I don’t like that her slide can be blocked by standing opponents.

Think in her slide like Jago’s wind kick 2.0. It porpouse its spacing and preassure, with anti zoning possibilities. Visually its Orchid/Shago/Omen slide, but it serves for a different situation

She’s awesome I’ll go down as saying I didn’t think I’d be interested in Mira as a choice but after a switch from challenging a lot of shadows I finally just dug in with her and she’s a KI Cammy / Rogue who I love and her stylistic retro resonates with me more than the default so she definitely has appeal

That being said her flashy moves would be OP if there wasn’t risk reward so I applaud Keits for yet again balancing the gameplay and force feeding the sweet dessert that is Mira.

Can’t wait for the final two!

It’s Christmas every month.

Most pleased about Kim in shadow play. I can now fight whomever without the crazy live multiplayer crap 3 ultras teabaggers& stupid rash spammers!

That to me sounds like a bug issue or a hit-box isue.

Not a bug.

Has anyone else noticed that Mira’s hit sounds, specifically juggle sounds, high KV hits, and Shoryuken sound effects, sound really bad? Like, super chunky, almost bitcrushed. It does not sound good at all. Every time she gets hit I cringe.