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After spending so much time playing Jago and approaching different areas of difficulty (match-up troubles, consistent results, mastering my own style) I figured I would share my thoughts on everything.

Essentially, I play this character because I enjoy the design and admire the re-work from the previous games. While considered the fundamental, easy to play and most common character choice among beginners, I truly appreciate the concept of having a tool to deal with almost situation, but absolutely needing to master all areas of play (spacing, footsies, anti-airing, zoning, wake-up options, mix-up tools, match-up awareness, learning to control or reestablish neutral game, strategy and end game tactics) in order to win at a higher level.

Jago has a very strong presence in the game and yet, in order to be successful with him, you have to overcome playing on auto-pilot and relying on one tool in order to win. This is the very same reason I appreciate playing this character and I feel that it shows in my matches. Strong players will adapt and find ways through your strategy and can even influence you to hesitate when trying to utilize the best tool in your arsenal. This alone requires you to think organically and truly engage the opponent. The thought of this made me realize how much I truly appreciate another player for how they choose to evolve and how it influences me to do the same.

At the end of it all, this post is more about the concept, appreciation and reflection of what I see when using the character and not a tutorial or instructional guide. However, if I were to give any piece of advice to a player, it would be to continue growing and developing yourself. I recommend creating your own style, mastering your strengths and improving upon your weaknesses. Remaining positive and respecting your fellow challenger is also something I believe is important. A rival is definitely more worthwhile than an enemy. Finally, remembering that losing is apart of learning and a symbol of your dedication. You would not be able to lose if you were not playing in the first place. Playing the game and continuing to play only shows the true heart of the warrior. The day you stop growing or it is no longer fun, at that point, I can understand why people would leave it behind.

Now, while a large portion this information might be very obvious to some, many players forget that you truly make something your own when you commit to the path of self-improvement. At that point, winning and losing matters no where near the same as becoming a stronger and more complete player.

Jago embodies that belief for me. Just thought I would share with the rest of you.

Thank you for your time!


Well spoken. 10/10.


I actually wanted to do an honorable mention thread that would include your name along with the other members of the Tiger Army that have inspired me and helped me develop. Thank you my friend.


Show me this

What would you like help with my friend?

The thread with jagos, I want to see all them to add they as friends to learn more

I will create that thread for you.

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Thx a lot!

Your tag is the same from here?

This is why I really love where Jago is at, even if he isn’t as powerful as previous incarnations (especially so, actually). He’s a Jack of All Trades, but an Ace in None (except DP. He is the king of DPs). Every one of his tools has a great strength, but also a major downside to balance it out.

True to his nature, he has a tool for every situation, and he needs all of them. Try to focus on only one part of his gameplan and you will be outpaced by a character who excels there. But being able to cover all of your bases at once can make you an overwhelming force.

Yes it is. Add me brother.

Well said!!! I appreciate all of the responses. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, Jago is one of the most interesting “shoto” characters I think I’ve ever seen in a FG. He’s basic in a lot of ways, but the combination of all his tools results in a character that is surprisingly adept at dealing with all the manners of nonsense that you see in the game.

There are a lot of viable and strong ways to play the character, and that makes him very compelling. There’s a lot of potential for creativity with Jago that doesn’t exist for some of the other “Jack of all trades” archetypes out there.

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I’m definitely a fan STORM. Your performance was godlike at KIWC. I value your attention to details and think you do a fine job of commentating as well. I would be honored to have you drop in for a commentated set. I enjoy doing commentary and watching players level up.


Be happy to participate once I get everything settled. Timing might be weird though since I’m living in Singapore now (12 hours ahead of EST).

How’s the internet?

Pretty fast. I haven’t gotten to really test it out though, since all I’m using to connect right now is through wireless on a 5 year-old laptop and iPad.

My internet is fiber-based so my theoretical speeds approach 1 Gbit/sec, but as I understand it my “practical” speeds will be something like 700 Mb/s. Still much, much faster than what I had back in the States, though to be honest on my older machines it feels similar to what I could do back home in terms of stream quality and the like. Hoping that’s just an artifact of my iPad and laptop being so old.

I’ll stop there, don’t want to go off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to hear you’ve found your character OP!

I’ve been a shoto since way back. Many of you don’t know me very well, but I have been commentating on my channel and working on stepping up my skills. Commentary, execution, knowledge and all that good stuff.

We should play sometime