This Week in Science: PLAYING GOD: Scientists create new DNA to make 'ALIEN' life form

Well this is going to end well…


But why?..

I dont think they can make alien, it is impossible. lol

An all-new Neomorph or Xenomorph for this particular case? :wink:

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How is it an alien if it was created on earth?


I think they mean alien as in a form a life that will look completely different than the other forms of life we are used to seeing.

Idk the title is kind of vague.


They’re medicinalizing e.coli by creating 2 entirely new types of molecules to add to DNA…

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how they can a make a alien ? if they dont have a lien to take the blood, and how they can create a new dna for a alien. if they create a new dna need to be base in some existing DNA from eart so is not ALien.

Right…becasue you know more about harvesting and analyzing DNA than the scientists that are breaking new grounds in evolution. …yeah

@KevBones10 Alien doesn’t mean what you see in movies. It means different than what is known to inhabit EARTH



good point

Why make aliens? The world is full of Zombies.
Can somebody make me a Black Unicorn with wings?

this lol. like all things, what goes around comes around. i can already think of so many crazy scenarios if this were to succeed

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Homo Hybris incoming. Space survival are needed. X-MEN whole new breed. Mark of the Beast.
Now seriously, Earth ain’t gonna last forever. Neither the Sun.

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The Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy too as well as the WHOLE Universe even for that particular matter :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah everyone is worrying about the wrong thing. our cause of extinction is that nice big beautiful sun we see sitting up there. its the biggest time bomb we’ve ever seen.

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If the Sun doesn’t get us first, the Big Crush or the Big Freeze will :stuck_out_tongue:

or this creation of the scientists advances so far it turns on us and noone will ever know its too late. the countryside will be home to an unknown terror as it starts to victimize the rural populace. reports will start to hit the airwaves, but noone will pay heed or simply dismiss it as some small isolated incident.

blood fire and death will follow as mankind is wiped out from our hubris at playing god and then the earth will just be a ruined world with an abandoned civilization long gone and forgotten. the real aliens will come, investigate and learn of the horrors we wrought upon ourselves for the advancement of our species. we’ll be a footnote in their history and a lesson learned. \m/


HA ha! I’ve created a new fan! BTW today was announced that the new singer for the Faceless is none other than lead guitarist and vocalist of Abigail Williams Ken Sorceron. Which is odd becasue his band is bleak black metal. So this should be interesting. Maybe Faceless is returning to its roots after that weird clean vocal stint on 'Autotheism". No release date on the new album as the music is done but ken is finishing up the vocals this week.

( dude my system hits hard on this album… especially Xenochrist. ■■■■■ love that song and I will be jamming it on the way home today!

So no Cthulhu or any of the other Old Gods for that matter?

This is a strange article for a very fringe project. I wouldn’t use this as a real source of information. At the risk of providing too much information, I’m a molecular biologist and I spend my time these days thinking about risk assessment for new technologies. This particular project is something I’ve never heard of, and considering how the genetic code is currently translated into function (DNA-RNA-Protein) it makes very little sense to add additional nucleotides to the four that are used in DNA. These four bases are read as triplet codons (so sets of three). Adding two additional bases, beyond being a neat trick, doesn’t really do anything unless you change all the downstream machinery. Think of it like adding two additional letters to the alphabet. Unless you have words that you can spell with them, it’s meaningless.

It doesn’t even allow the code to store additional information - just think of the bases as digits. DNA has a code written in mathematical base 4 (4 digits). But all the computer code in the world is binary (just two digits). Adding more digits isn’t required to store more information. I will have to dig up the paper to see why this is interesting beyond a “because we could,” kind of way. But what is certain is that it’s not risky.

So, if you guys want to have fun with all your jurrassic park comments, have at. But there is a real field of science, called synthetic biology, and there are truly interesting things going on in that field. Instead of boring everybody, please feel free to hit me up with a DM if you want more info.