They nerfed the daily rewards... amirite?

Used to get 250 gold… 300… Now it’s like 75. FOR SHAAAAME.

Yeah, they did based on difficulties. Though, this isn’t new, is it? Felt like it was like this since 3.6.

Did you hit day 100? im on day 91 and i still see 200-300 ki gold available on my upcoming days… yet i hit well passed day 100 in the shadow lords dailies and they reset back to day 1 and day 1 rewards. id imagine the daily loot resets to day 1 after 100 as well.

there are 3 different amounts per week. 50, 150 and 250 I believe.

I did. Maybe that’s it

Yeah I believe you get 500 on day 100, and then it cycles back to day 1 and you go back to getting like 50, 75, 100, 125… That’s what happened to me.

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Yeah I think you guys are right. MY BAD!!! just jarring to go from 300 to 75 like that. I thought they nerfed it.


THATS RIGHT YOURE BAD!!! GAWWWDDD!!! haha jk… man im not looking forward to hitting that 100 mark. I know the sweetness that is 200+ gold, so the idea of losing that for a while is going to make me sad.

It’d be a lot more disappointing if there were viable costumes to buy.
Right now the shadow skins are the only thing of value and again that is just smoke

It wouldn’t be so bad if the non-Gold cost wasn’t so damn high. 75,000 Shadow Points for ONE costume? It’s ridiculous.