They Messed up Aria

If you mained Aria try her now. I dont know why they nerfed here like this. she is so slow and weird now. Try her and see.

You mean the explosive arc slow down and 5 frame easier break window? Well those do suck…but I’m looking past that. I love her.

But she’s a sleeper character. The best ARIA is only at intermediate level. So we haven’t seen a “master” ARIA yet. ARIA’s not an easy character. I’d argue she is the most complex character in the game by a fair margin. Hell her body switching alone is tricky to keep track off.


A master ARIA is arguable. I would say F3 sleep is a Master Aria. and I learned alot of tech from his games. And ARIA just had unnecessary nerfs and no buffs . Her new ability , to me is not useful seen how YOLO people play online.people mash like crazy and win against better players . Her assist suck now even the ones in instinct suck. plus the stay for like 3 seconds on the ground when hit. I dont understand these nerfs.

No sleep is definitely not a master ARIA. He’s good. But not at master level. No, I don’t expect an ARIA player at master for a little while longer.

When you play button mashers you shouldn’t even be going for resets or “tricks”. Just beat them into submission with full combos and hard mixups.

For example when I know I’m playing someone who likes to press alot of buttons I just play different.

Example when I play sadira I just cancel into recluse on blockstrings and rarely get punished. He can be fairly unsafe vs someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Hell do something tha’ts unsafe with decent distance. 80% chance you won’t get punished by these players.

Huhh ? So what is a Master ARIA ? because I dont know.

There isn’t one. Not yet anyway.

With ARIA you really need to think. Sleeps\ got a good grasp of her. But from what I’ve seen, it’s only intermediate lvl. That gets him by. As it shows. But there is some serious stuff that hasn’t been discovered or used yet.

I know like three of them. who are Godlike. The reason there are few ARIAS is because she doesnt have the tools to win competitively against most match ups no matter how high you play her and not because people dont know how to play her. She is played for lore and fun.

What? ARIA has nearly everything in the game. She has air mobility, a dp, long reaching normals, a good walkspeed, good dashes AA’s, A very good instinct, armor mvoe, staggers, flipouts, projectiles, A battery ender, wall splat, dmg, HKD, launcher enders. All of her jumping moves can be cross-ups, projectile normals, chip normals, and overhead (which is + on hit/block rare in KI to have), the ability to cancel out status effects (the only character to do so), A plethora of mix-ups, a sweep you can juggle into. Only she’s missing is a command grab and a counter. Oh and a rekka.

If that’s not the tools to help win then I don’t know what is.

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They slowed down one linker but all of her cheeseball stuff is still there. Her vortex is still there, her safe pressure is still there, her unbreakables are still there, he damage output was unchanged. Add to that that now she has has real juggle combos, flip out into new mix ups, and new pressure strings using her dash cancel and shes much better now than she was before.

I have to disagree with op on this one, she still feels great to me. Honestly her nerfs are mostly irrelevant, her buffs are great. Being able to juggle is huge. You can actually juggle or get a flip out off of blade assist which is crazy. I’m not sure if her hk is supposed to shoot that many bombs uncharged, but if so that’s another very nice buff. The charging hk is also a nice way to give bass body a little more juice in closer

ARIA has a lot of unexplored potential. Amenty, Sleep and Seadragon and have found some awesome stuff with her and they’re nowhere close to done.

Also, her nerfs are miniscule. Sure the extra damage to assists hurts her but the arc linker change was necessary. It was impossible to discriminate the strengths.

And her buffs are amazing. Given the ability to charge grenades and dash cancel them, combined with all her new target combos? Freaking amazing pressure there if you ask me.

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I see I guess I have to re learn her from scratch. Because I still play her like in season 2 and I am actually getting rekt online. when last week everything was cool

Aria is still good but you better not get touched by a tusk player and miss the CB… lol

Any character can kill a body in one dmging combo. CB’ing with ARIA is VERY important.

Good thing that the pain stops with one body, lol.

ARIA too badass to lose anyway.

I like ZeroMayCry’s ARIA. You wouldn’t think he’s close to a master?

Never seen it. So I can’t say. If it’s anything like sleeps then no.

Sleeps ARIA is solid. Zero plays ONLY ARIA. Aria is a well balanced character but I think he maximizes on her potential the most.

Need to see it firsthand. Sleep has good fundamentals that’s why his ARIA is good (and general knowledge of how she plays).