The Twitter Watcher Thread: Developers

My money its with the shadow meter. A very obvious change in shadows effects which is related to the lore and we don’t know why yet? With a shadow lord coming? I can see a pattern:
-Jago, his choosen vessel, is one of the best characters in terms of building shadow meter
-Shago, his possesed form, can power up his special moves with shadow meter, and his instinct allows him to take part of the rival’s.
-Omen, his herald, it’s made of shadow energy, and he has 3 shadow meter bars.

All these chars are related to Gargos in some way. My bet: Gargos can do amazing stuff with shadow meter. He is a shadow lord, surely he will have the best shadow moves among the cast.

Also, both Omen and Shago have a powerful “spend this resource” move. Gargos will have something similar


Later this month. Later as in after PAX East.


You know what would be awesome?

When you defeat Gargos he regenerates both health bars and loudly proclaims “I can never die!”

he he real Gill moment that would be :wink:

Sexcellent :smiley:

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After PAX East? But that’s a week away from the end of the month!

Ah yes, you seem to notice our recurring theme for the past 3 seasons.


Any word of whether anyone from the team will be attending PAX East? Maybe in booth capacity?

…Stay Tuned?

So Sadira players will love her.

We’ll be there.

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Heh. It would have been nice to have a rundown the week before she was out, but as you say, there are indeed standards to uphold… :smirk:

Well, that would actually be the case, however PAX got in the way, and parties needed to run a stream will be across the country.

Nothing says we won’t see the stream/trailer in that week’s Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday time frame and the character on Friday.

Haha. Fair enough. What would actually be super cool would be if the team just did a recording and released it during the originally planned time slot(i.e. week of PAX). I think they did that for Hisako before she came out.

I felt like that was well received - I know I watched that archive like 4 times, and I feel like the forums got some fun theory crafting done in the meantime.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


I hope Gargos will have retro skin. And some goofy cosmetics.

Copy&paste from TempusChaoti Twitter, will edit it later in the OP with proper link:

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Y’know, a live reveal stream from PAX of Mira’s gameplay (similar to KIWC’s changes and reveals stream) would be pretty hype. Loved the crowd interaction there, I’d like to see it more frequently (not every character, but when it lines up with an event like this).

Gargos, only character with purple lifebars. Can drain your entire shadow meter to regain health at the cost of Instinct?

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@TheKeits is now nerfing characters before they truly exist?

The NERFCEPTION is real.


Just say “NERFinator” in your best Arnie voice

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Technically it wasn’t a nerf, as the character isn’t released yet. :grin:

It was OMG amazing… TOO amazing. Like I said, best j.HK ever. You’d never use another button in the air with her if it had stayed as-is.


Lol. After she’s released, can we ever get some footage of that? I think’d it’d be pretty cool to see some of the shenanigans that go on in pre-release builds of characters :slight_smile: