The Twitter Watcher Thread: Developers

Well pals, season 3 launched, weeks have past, and everybody is starving for new info, but sometimes the Devs doesn’t drop it here. They use Twitter and other tools.

I don’t use Twitter for almost nothing, as many of you, so my suggestion it’s recopilate every information we can about future s3 characters here. Obviously I’m asking for help to the most active in this particular area, but would be great if the devs post their tweets here directly. We should watch the twitter accounts of @TempusChaoti, @TheKeits, Killer Instinct offcial account, @rukizzel, @Delriach… Please be free to suggest more.
Let’s go with some examples!!


Mira air HK pre-release nerf



Confirmed. Gargos has a 200% command grab potential damage.


Bring it @TempusChaoti!

I expect my brain to explode during Gargos’s stream.

Nothing less.

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My bet: full instinct + full shadow meter= Ultimate command grab that kills your current health bar.

Also, he is a zoner. People hate zoners XD

I can tell you right now watching my account will be wasteful. I don’t really drop teases on there since I run the KI account. Why tease on my account when I have the keys to the big rig?!

However if you enjoy general tomfoolery, follow away.


You know what? Full screen beam that covers the whole screen and insta kills your life bar if hit. 40% chip and 10% potential damage if blocked.

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Damn I guess that means Gargos is going to be played by everybody, which doesn’t bother me, but I don’t want people to think I am only using him because he’s “OP” lol I just like the character

I will main Gargos, I don’t care if he is OP or “low tier”.

And I will totally main Eyedol regardless how he plays if he makes it. I don’t care about a character being OP, but knowing IG, all will be balanced.

Feck, we have already a character with a command grab that deals almost half a bar and another one that deals 100% potential damage, and they are balanced with the cast!! KI could be the most balanced fighting game among the most recent ones


That is how I am. I don’t care about tiers, I just main the characters I like lol that’s why i stuck it out with Jason in MKX, even though he is arguably the worst character in the entire game hahaha

I feel you though, I plan to main him (and Eyedol) regardless of how good they are since they are characters I like


I hope Mira’s special steal opponent’s health because vampire like to drink blood…

I knew Gargos will be OP. But they will nerf him…

Confirmed, Gargos’ DK face OP.


Adam replying to someone on Neogaf

Random Person:“Watch Mira have a rock song with like bat noises and thunderclaps in it”




Edit: I fully expect this to be a somewhat polarizing theme, because while it’s great it’s very… off-kilter… from the other themes this season.


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Stronger than Tusk, Glacius, or any top tier character? Ooooo that’s sounds fun. Who knows, Gargos is Gargos after all.
Mira with air set ups? Sounds like Sadira/Cinder.

For real?

I’ll be happy if he flexes his muscles, flap his wings and that makes his life bar regenerate.

I can already see the lvl: 50 Gargos players XD

People claiming “OP, THATS CHEAP!” doesn’t make a character OP.

Some examples of some “op moves which turned to be not so op”:
-Omen’s demonic despair
-Shago’s Anihilation
-Aganos 4 wallcrash
-Cinder burn mechanic

I saw the streams of all these characters, and the chat was screaming OP almost all the time with these moves. At the end, all are highly situational, not a unbeatable mechanic.

@TempusChaoti said that the chat will claim “Op”. Thats very far from actually being OP


you know the regeneration is gonna be in there. That probably has everything to do with ‘OP’. Already there’s gonna be a new class of ender: Regeneration Ender.

Now if we can just get that epic billy goat heel stomp thing that Eyedol- the original regenerator- did, from Eyedol himself. I’d make a new microsoft account and only buy eyedol on it he’d be that serious

I agree with this, completely. I will admit that I felt Demonic Despair was OP (and though I respect how much of a risk you’re taking meterwise, I still don’t like it) and I feel Annihilation is in the same boat, though I actually consider it worse (even though there are simple ways to get out of it).

Aganos’ four-wall damage isn’t OP because it’s extremely unlikely to happen, and unlike Omen or Shadow Jago he can’t just trigger that instantly, it requires gathering chunks, a long setup of walls where the opponent has to see what Aganos is trying to do, and still requires hitting a Ruin or ending a combo with one.

Cinder’s burn mechanic was unfair when it was first introduced, but only because there was no clear indication that it was over. I lost (and watched many others lose) matches to it because the visual flames disappeared before the effect was over, meaning it was easy to miscalculate and start the flareup all over again. The added sound effect and dark smoke puff are perfect, and I never question if I’m still burning.

I’m wondering whether the “Gargos OP” stuff is going to be healing related, or if he’s going to have the ability to Ultra someone with additional life remaining, or something. As in it will give the opponent a larger Danger State, say 30% instead of 15%? Maybe he can heal the first bar’s damage back after having lost the entire bar?

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And now the real question @rukizzel : when are we getting a Mira stream? :open_mouth: