The time for fired up, i think should be shown as a meter


I meant as an added tool. I don’t want his Fired Up state out of instinct removed at all, but what if Cinder could shave a second or two off the fired up timer with some sort of charge move?

As a hypothetical addition to his current moveset and playstyle…


Te devs will obviously nerf something for the new tool I’m sure about that. But I’m not entirely sure if I’m on the same page as you yet.

So this is just a tool, no change to his Instinct? just the ability to charge it?..


Pretty much, not removing or changing anything at all regarding his instinct or fired up. What if there were a quick command move like back+HP that could shave maybe a whole second off of the charge time for fired up? It would give his hard knockdown gameplay some more incentive. Get a hard knockdown, use the charge move to shave some time off the timer, instead of 8 seconds of wait, 7. If he’s 6 seconds into the timer, and he gets to charge at the right point, that hard knockdown could give him instant access to a fired up move for his next offensive plan. He’s basically giving up a high low mixup for a quick charge to hit fired up faster.

It’s not an instant fired up move, just taking the 8 second wait and making it 7. Maybe at the right range you could get two in and make it a 6 second wait.


Knowing IG thought they’ll wanna make some kind of drawback for using it.


I couldn’t see them instituting a heavy drawback for such a tool, if any at all. It’s not an instant guarantee you’ll get a fired up move, you have to put yourself in a vulnerable state to achieve it which you wouldn’t want to do at close range, and it would be situational in it’s use. It’s got a few caveats to its use, but used correctly, it brings out that fired up state just a tad quicker. Nothing huge or shifting in his gameplay, not like how his inferno move was changed, or how he can burnout off of throws.

I think it could be reasonably accommodated without requiring much effort in balancing his gameplan. If it produced an instant fired up, then there would have to be big shifts in his gameplan, but that’s not what I’m proposing.


From what the OP wants is basically an easy to tell if Cinder’s Firedup is ready so that way they can counter him.
I personally would like to make the best of that situation as a Cinder player. However I think I see where you’re coming from now.

That idea also isn’t so bad either


Yes because I cant see it hardly when I am cinder.


Cinder is mid-tier. If you can predict his fired up he will be low tier. His gameplay is already kinda complicated. Dont make it worse.


You can predict when he is fired up its just hard to see, that is a badly designed barrier for most people to have unless it was intentionally designed that way which I highly doubt it was designed to be hard to notice even if it is the current result.


I really really really want this to become a reality. I really find it very hard to notice, especially in some colors, when cinder is fired up or not…


I don’t really think there’s a reasonable argument for him NOT having a meter for it. As it is the matchup can be pretty significantly impacted by things like the color and stage selected, which imo is TOTALLY wack.


Yeah, the simple fact that his color scheme affects how hard it is to tell if he’s fired up or not (and there’s a really big difference between some colors) makes it so competitively some colors are actually better than others.

Not to mention the stage factor, which is even worse.

I’d really like the input of the @developers on this… I’m sure it’d be a pretty simple change to put into effect, and I think it more than makes sense, right?


It’s really confusing that it’s not.
It almost feels like they wanted him to fire-up after random amounts of time and changed it to always 8 seconds just before release.


a killer instinct cinder match but every time he fires up it’s the nutshack theme


I hate when i waste my fired up state accidentally. If we had a meter like Hisako we could avoid this kind of things.


It would be a great change. I could argue that it’s a skill to count the 8 seconds but that’s kinda arbitrary and uneeded when charcters like arbiter show you exactly how many resources he has left and how long it takes to charge, though id like for carbine to get a number by it.

Also it feels bad when cinder gets burnout right as he wakes up and it’s hard to tell in the heat of the moment if you’re gonna get pillared


He should have a fired up meter WITH a sound effect that confirms it.

By the way, who else thinks cinder should have an aura that’s a different color than his body? (I.E. cinder in classic KI where one of his color options was white with a red aura or red cinder with a blue aura.)


I disagree with the sound effect. Then about the aura i wouldnt change the color of the aura because of stetic reasons (but who knows they could make something cool with it), i would prefer the same color but something more obvious when he is in fired up state, like the mist of the mimic custome.


Why no sound effect? I’m sure some people would appreciate it.


don’t really see a reason not have a sound effect in addition, sound cues are already a common and important part of the game, don’t think it’d be too bad