The time for fired up, i think should be shown as a meter

i really believe it should be indicated by a meter. visual cues are cool and all but i would also like to know the time in between as well. unless its a bad idea, opinions anybody?


I really like this, even if it is a little icon. I totally agree with you dood, some colours and the new lighting make it a little difficult to notice espically since I do not play this character consistently haha.

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I agree. I little icon of a flame up of his shadow bar would be enough.

I think it should be a hexagon shape. Then just set it on fire lol


I would def like to see some sort of indication on the hud for this too.

Unless there’s some kind of timer mechanism that lets you know the exact moment you get it, I think it’s mainly an idea in redundancy. The visual indicator of Cinder glowing brighter is pretty good as is, so unless this secondary indicator near his meter or whatever icon is imagined can show us the countdown or exact moment Cinder should regain his fired up state, I don’t see it being necessary. Otherwise it serves no real function other than to tell the player something he already knows simply by looking at Cinder on screen.


I’m all for a timer of some kind being added to his fired up mechanic, either on cinder himself or in meter form.


This could be something like the Hisakos wrath meter.

Actually, if you couple it with a distinct audio cue, I think a symbol would be nice. Because even though you can tell by looking at Cinder, he may not be in a position where you can easily get a good read.

If Cinder is in the middle of doing something - such jumping or performing an attack like his sweep or an auto-double - it can be surprisingly difficult to tell at times. Especially if you miss the actual transition to his brighter flames.

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I wouldn’t mind it. I find I have a pretty hard time telling when he’s fired up when fighting him. He’ll do a special and I’m just kinda like “crap - was he fired up before he did that? :open_mouth:


This is going to come off as extremely nerdy and pretentious… but you guys don’t just count seconds? I mean, I’m not actively counting when I’m playing but I keep track by what’s happening in the game pretty easily. It’s not exact and I admit, I mess up on occasion, but I almost always know when I have fired up again just by keeping in mind the last time I used it and estimating time as I go along. It’s eight seconds, right?

Oh, I’m absolutely sure that it’s pretty easy to keep track of it when you’re playing Cinder - it’s just one of those things you’d get by feel after a while. I’m in favor of the indicator for the opponent’s sake - keeping track of it when you don’t play Cinder (and accordingly, don’t have that innate sense of the fired up refresh) can be somewhat difficult.


Psshh, for the opponent’s sake? Git gud. :yum:

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It’s actually a little difficult on some colors. Namely the red and purple ones.

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I agree. Which is why an indicator of some sort would be nice I think. Certainly not the end of the world if he doesn’t have one, but it’d be a nice quality-of-life improvement I think.

i mean if its an icon i would like to see it as something being filled up with color scaling with how much time is left, bouns points if they make it his character insignia

They need to have the fight stop, Cinder turns to the camera and says “I’m fired up now”, and then the fight continues.


A small Fired Up UI indicator next to his Shadow Bars would indeed be greatly appreciated.

I can understand since you’re gonna wanna time when you’ll be fired-up.

But I think real drawback is you can’t surprize people who don’t pay attention. Lol

Still yeah this is a pretty sweet idea.

and you’re absoulely right. you lose the element of surprise. if this gets impemented this makes the opponent stronger because there is now a visable timer for everybody to know. do yall find that ok or not ok?