The Shadows Beckon my Master - Omen Combo Thread

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Omen unleashes his true potential through these combos.

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This strictly for combo videos?

That’s really the idea. See what fancy things you can come up with.

Oh man I have a ton of them, but I cant stand editing videos…it takes too long and then ppl criticize every detail. Id di that on the Facebook page once and it started an all out war or words! lol


That was crazy looking, although do you think that’s optimal in competitive play?

Nope! it’s a complete waste of resources and much harder than it needs to be.

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I agree. thanks for your thoughts.

but… the style


Yo! That was nuts! That styling though…

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Corner Pressue + Flip Outs + Shadow Form

EDIT: 1-10-2017 Updated the video to show more of the action (now with sound!)


Saw this ish on twitter. Bruh!!!

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I’m actually not a fan of that. That is going to be nerfed. It’s an exploit.

Man how does he do that? Makes it look so easy

Wait… what’s the exploit?

Is that the Toneri slide? I thought that already got nerfed.

Or is it the flipout>airdash HP? Cuz that looks slick as hell.

that damn clip looked like Boss Shadow Jago on Kyle difficulty lol

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The shadow slide cross up.

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I thought they nerfed that months ago… it’s still a thing!?

Is it really getting nerfed though? Source?