The Season 3 "Fasting" Challenge (failed)

This is something I am going to attempt to make Season 3 as hype as possible. I am going to play absolutely ZERO Killer Instinct until Season 3 launches as a personal challenge. I play KI on almost a daily basis, so I think that holding off until Season 3 will make the launch all the more special. Plus, it will give me a change to play all the other great games I have been ignoring.

I still intend to follow KI news and the like, but I am challenging myself not to launch KI until KI S3 hits launch (see what I did there?). Anyone is free to join me on my crusade and I wish you the best of luck.


Sounds like a challenge I can easily pass.

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Er, I believe I’m going to continue to play the video game I purchased.

Also a precaution: muscle memory and whatnot might be a little mutable. Come back after a few weeks and you could find yourself missing links and meaties, to say nothing of overall strategy.

Hmm sounds interesting. I might do that after this week. I probably should’ve done it last week. But either way I will have a goodbye Season 2 collection of my favorite characters and whatnot. Then, I will not pick it back up until S3.

From the title I thought you were going to not eat until the release. Now that would be extreme!


This topic is such a coincidence to my experience!

I told myself I wouldn´t play any videogames until S3 release, which was great because I have a lot of work at the moment; not playing means I get it all done on time and get to sleep at night, too!

The problem is I have a lot of free time starting March 20… so if Season 3 has not been released by then, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.

Any good book recommendations? :sweat_smile:

Always good to take a break.

I’ve been taking breaks periodically to catch up on work and spend my days on Netflix, but I dunno if I could stop playing completely for any period of time when I’m so excited. Besides, I just started getting decent with Wulf again (been trying to work on strategies that I can carry over into Season 3, like using heavy kick to execute run even if I’m going to use a lighter button, and trying to find ways to condition opponents into being more susceptible to Hamstring)

Tell ya what. I’ll have a half assed fast. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try to play other stuff and watch Netflix more but I think I’m stuck for the long haul.

Honestly, this is not a problem for me. I’ve gone like six months with no KI up to this point. I’ve had to play other games that I bought but never touched due to KI and TLOU Remastered.

Well, I have The Division and MKX (KP2 & GGPO Update), so I’ll be ok. Knowing me, I’ll fail. Gotta keep my skills sharp! XD

I thought the same! Lmao was happy to see otherwise.

I won’t be doing this lol I don’t play as much as I’d like to already, so I’d rather not reduce it more. Good luck on your endeavor!

Eff that. I think I might wind up going to Final Round after all, and I’d like to not get beaten on stream again :laughing:

But even if I don’t go to FR, playing KI over the weekend made me realize again just how much I love this game. SFV is fun, but KI’s where my heart is :3

I could imagine. I didn’t really know of a better way to phrase it.

But after all, who needs food when KI can sustain a man for days at a time on Hype alone?

However, If they release the balance changes early than I am not sure I will be able to help myself. I am only saying this because Rukari said there was “a LOT of work to do” in preparation for the Aribiter stream tomorrow.

Poor Rukari. He must be


in stuff he has to do before tomorrow. The Life of a Community Manager…

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And fatal. We don’t want that.

So… I cracked and played a few rounds of ranked with my boy Aganos. I should have known I would not be able to help myself. This is a tragedy of the greatest proportions. A god has truly fallen from grace.

There is nothing wrong with playing some KI!


I was going to try this…then I bought a new fightstick.

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So I failed this early. Immediately infact. Like, right after I posted in this thread last I got invited into a lobby
I also played every subsequent day
Oops xP