The season 3 community fund poll

Difference is the devastation beam and despair don’t get confirmed damage. Both need follow up and like I said, annihilation completely ignores an chance of fighting off anything like that. Sure both Fulgore and Omen can instinct and instantly hit you with those moves but yo still have white life to gain back unlike Annihilation.

What would Shadow Orchid have? Teleports like Shago? Why would I want that when shago already does that. Like I said Maya would make more sense I mean even in the story it looked like she was already getting possessed by the dark dagger. I wouldn’t call it Shadow Maya though, I would have called it Dark Maya or make a Light version where the light dagger takes hold and she becomes some type of Holy Maya.

As for Omen, I would say just make his current look his retro and give him a new look.

I’m just hoping Omen is one of the two characters they intend to overhaul in season 3, I love him and I do like his minimalist look but he’s certainly half-hearted and could use a lot of work to make him a full character. Unique non-borrowed animations, more accessories and colors, some improved VFX, a full set of achievements, etc.


I believe Omen is already getting a major overhaul in Season 3, so im voting for ULTIMATES FOR EVERYONE.

Ultimates/No Mercies are the missing link to this game. Whatever it takes, however much it will cost, just get it done by any means necessary.

I rarely even participate in community fundraisers, but I’ll drop good money for Ultimates.


I would hope so, I’ve been asking for omen to get some love for the longest. Shadow energy beings need love too lol.

Yeah he’s one of the few parts of the game that I feel doesn’t live up to the quality standards of the other cast members.

I want eyedol.

he really shouldn’t be that hard to do. Even if he’s a more basic character, that’s fine. he looks so cool and with modern tech, a 2 headed byclops would be epic :smile:



For some reason they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that we want a big “Harryhausen” monster character, they don’t need to reinvent the wheel with Eyedol, that is the trope he’s meant to embody. I feel like they’re struggling because they want to figure out how to change that feel when that is the soul of the character…

Don’t stress out on how to do Eyedol, just give us an awesome Sinbad looking Cyclops with two heads and add some KI flair to it and we’ll be happy. Sure younger kids might not relate to the design but that’s what fighting games are all about, not every character is going to appeal to every person. Eyedol’s design is awesome and it shouldn’t be that hard to make him look awesome.

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I voted for Ultimates/Ultimate Combos (and Annihilations) first and foremost for ALL of the current existing KI characters and overall for the ENTIRE current KI cast/roster :sunglasses:

Season 1 story 100%

IG have made an impressive stamp on KI with S2 and have not been hands off with S1 cast (fulgore… two more “reworks” coming) so why not S1 story? They are poles apart as modes yet same game and newer players should feel as invested in S1 characters stories as S2 and S3 ones.

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Season 1 stage ultras!!!¡


May i ask why everyone wants Ultimates for everyone?

-Every one knows that ultimates were a copied gimmick meant to match MK fatalities, so they aren’t even special to KI for any good reason.

-They are more annoying to have to watch than ultras. It just reminds you of HOW BADLY you got beaten.

-They are meant to convey a DEATH in the game. That brings difficulty in keeping the game rated “Teen”. And i honestly feel weird when i think about a KI character dying. KI is just not a place for violence. I love violence in MK games, but KI is a GREAT game WITHOUT deaths or gore, so why put it in?

-They are an “aesthetic” choice that makes no real difference in the game. Why would you choose that over real, functional, game mechanic choices that will help the game with performance, accessibility, or balance? (Extra colors would at least be SEEN more.)


I think its more that the nostalgia is blinding people too much and if he did release as he looked back then he would look as bad as retro Jago.

I choose that, not because that looks cool, but because I would rather pay for gameplay than cosmetics (technically, we have both here, but you’ll understand me). That’s why I’m not too fond of Ultimate, because it’s just some kind of useless finisher (and Ultra are already here, and are better in my opinion).

Story wise, that’s not really hard to add her, because she is already kinda psychotic (that could also be a doppleganger, a homonculus made by Kan Ra with an Omen like in, etc.).

Oh, and that makes me think about Omen, he definitly needs his story (maybe soemthing linked to Shago, like you play Shago the first four matches, then Omen)

The Devastation Beam does, and is easier to hit (as an AA, after an overhead, after a wallbounce). Then, opener > Manual > Level 4 ender. Of course, that’s not 48 % (but Fulgore build meter faster than Shago builds instinct

True for the despair. But that’s 100 % potential damage against three bars. Omen needs bars. Like Shago needs his instinct but can choose to spend it on a 48 % punish. That’s just an additionnal option, not a game breaker like Sadira’s Instinct loop.

Nah, no teleport. I dunno, maybe an emphasis on her firecat. But I see your point and I like that too.

Stage ultra’s added to season one stages. The possibilities with some of the stages are just too good to pass up!

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Why people here want Ultimate more than Overall game polish baffles me.

And I agree with every point you made, Ultimates won’t make a game difference, after you watched every one’s you may use it every once in a while and there’s it, you done (ppl out of KI community can just watch on YT). And and overall game polish will bring KI higher against other FGs, hold more players, do better impression to new comers etc.

You have made no sensible points there to be honest.
-So what if they were a copied gimmick? How is that a reason for them to not exist in the game?
-That point is just you being salty. You can avoid it just by bringing your opponent down to his 2nd life bar. If you can’t well then you deserved it.
-If it conveyed death and that made the ratings an issue, Shago wwouldnt have one.
-Everything on the poll except the Omen rework and Shadow character idea (both unnecessary, but whatever) are all aesthetic changes that wouldnt change anything much like Ultimates.

S1 Stage Ultras!!! Would be such a missed opportunity if they don’t make it in the game somehow.

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Ultimate, ULTIMAAAATE!!!
that’s what I voted for.

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That’s what Game Suggestion FEEDBACK is for :wink:

it’s not like they can’t polish it up more as season3 progresses.

I voted Ultimate Combos for all characters