The Sadira Game Has Changed!

I’ll be updating this thread with some new sadira tech that, as far as I know, was created by HeliumHead2030. I haven’t seen any other sadira using this, but then again I don’t come across too many sadiras in this game anyway. Again videos will be posted of this new thing I came across playing a long set with HeliumHead. I’ll also be posting some videos of some set ups that have been useful for me.

Edit #1: Here is what he was doing to me. I didn’t upload the other clips to Xbox Live yet. I’ll be doing it later tonight. Again, I don’t know if this is new, but I haven’t seen this anywhere else.
It’s the double manual that he does a couple of times.

Edit #2:

Edit #3:

Edit #4:

Edit #5:

That’s all the footage I have right now. I’ll be adding some more footage of myself using this tech in-game just to see how well it works. Feel free to post some videos of your own too.

Also, here is a grab set-up I’ve been using a lot. It gets a lot of people. After the flip out into WC, I sometimes do Widows Drop just to mess with their head a little. I am still learning so If anyone has any tips please do provide.


OMG! Heliumhead2030 was the reason I abandoned Wulf. His stuff was always amazing.

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Awesome! I’ll be really curious to see this.

Thanks, OP!

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I’m not sure if its new, I’m coming from a long break, but ill show you guys anyway


Sounds good man! Much appreciated either way.

What he did was a jump cancel from a Lk allows Sadira to jump cancel on hit. During a combo you can use this for more combo variance or to combo into S.Widows Bite for massive damage.

She gained this ability when she gained to ability to preform flipouts.



Dang this is actually pretty big for Sadira. Double manuals, access to S. Widow Bite in grounded combos outside of instinct, more reset potential. Nice.

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