Hey everyone, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? We’ll do one this Friday, and it will include long-awaited info from the Community Survey, so buckle up!

Post your questions here, and I’ll pick a bunch to answer. Some of you have also tweeted at me @kranged as well. I’ll be picking a few from there too.




(“stay tuned” is two words ;))



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Not a question but please keep giving us more KI! :heart:


Any news on Shadow Lerds release? I hope it’s not actually on September 20th, because the New Destiny expansion be out on that date :confused:

For Shadow Lords, while I’m aware it’ll have a bit more focus on the S3 characters, how much time in the spotlight would you estimate the S1 and 2 characters will have as far as relevancy goes?

If you could have one guest character in KI that is not owned by Microsoft, regardless of weather or not it could actually happen, what would it be?

1.will there be season 4? (Please)
2.Will season 4 be upgrated to scorpio?
3. Is it bad to ask for 3 more seasons? (Last week i had 50€ and i didn’t know which game to buy, i wanted more seasons to be there)
4. Will color 10s be ingame purchaseable?
5. Are we going to have the missing stages?
6. Is there any bonus character?
7. Any early Shadow Lords release for common people like me?

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Do you have plan to make new mode for future KI?

What’s happening to Dojo for every characters?

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Aside from Shadow Lords and the new Multiplayer mode, will there be additional content to the game?

Including but not limited to colors, accessories, costumes, etc. or does the Definitive Edition essentially mean the conclusion of KI2013?

  1. When can we expect Wave 2 Ultimate Source figures?

  2. Are Holiday Colors and Accessories officially no longer a thing outside of the already existing Christmas set? What prompted their original incarnation and later dropping of the idea?

  3. Are there any current concrete plans for a Season 3 Community Fund?


Is there any chance that KI may get a sequel when Project Scorpio comes out? I know, seems really far out there.

Can we get a Story Describing the Demon Wars that allowed a being like Gargos to feel he is fit to rule, how many other Lords of Shadow did he have to betray and assassinate to reach his position?

Are we gonna get some kinda equality in the Colors for each character? Most characters have 9 colors, Some characters have 10, while Orchid might have 11 when her toy comes out. I had the game since the the second week of its existence in S1 and my Gargos is lvl50 do players like me get the Gold skin?


** Is it possible to integrate Shadow Lab AI into the other AI generated modes in game?
Story mode S1 and S2.
Shadow Lords

** Can we ever expect an addition to Survival ladder mode incorporating Classic ladder and Never Ending Ladder with no health restrictions?


(intence Internal celebration)

Since Eyedol was already being made during the Community Surveys, can we assume that the 2# ranked among the most wanted characters is now 1#? Also, can we expect to see the highest voted characters sometime in KI’s future?

Xboxone fighsticks support on Win10? Since drivers are releasing tomorrow.

Do you have an estimate on when early access to Shadow Lords will be happening and what the criteria for acceptance will be?

You did a great job with the lighting upgrade…any chance of other graphical tweaks like fancier looking ultras or perhaps having the hit counter font getting more over the top the higher the hits ?