The [REDACTED] Fish Monster Was A Pitch To Iron Galaxy And The KI Community

Proof Here:

I was given permission from one of the mods to open up discussion about the character here with the community. I suggest you read the Reddit post above regarding the story behind the image and the creature’s design.

Fun Fact: The Creature was intended to be Female and it’s codename was “Sea Viper”. An obvious parody of another fighting game character while also paying tribute to it’s design being based on a Viperfish.

The reception the image had gotten was overwhelming, and I was quite happy to hear so many people say “I want it to be real” or “It looks incredible but I am really hoping for Eyedol”. See I am in the same boat, I wanted to see a “Creature From The Black Lagoon” type monster for awhile, but I am also really hoping to see Eyedol in the eighth slot.

So why did I make the character and go through so much trouble to grab the community’s attention? Well, I want to push for 9 characters, as we had in the first 2 seasons. I think we should all rally behind another community funding event and get one last character, and I think to send off KI again until the next installment, we should get a new beast character, which I think really reflects on the essence of the very first game.

I mean, think about it. Since the new KI came out. Have we actually had any NEW beast characters? Aside from Aganos and Guest Characters, every new character looked human. We haven’t actually had a new and original “Beast” character along the lines of Sabrewulf, Riptor, Eyedol, or Gargos. Aganos is the only really exotic new character we’ve gotten that doesn’t look human.

Comments? Discussion? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the design and if it’s something they’d like to see in a 9th character, assuming of course that Eyedol is already #8.


Wow, the friendly people at reddit did not appreciate you coming clean about this.
While you didn’t have me fooled, it was certainly a nice piece of art.

I would love to see a new beast character (after Eyedol ofcourse :smile:)

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Well done sir.

You got me a 24 hour ban though :joy:

But it was worth it. I salute you.

Actually, the response on reddit has been pleasing. Some people might be upset at me for keeping it a secret for a couple weeks, but that doesn’t really bug me as long as they like the concept. I was willing to take the flak if it meant people liked the design.

I think the drama it caused here was my biggest regret. When I apologized for the post to the mods here, I never said the real reason I was sorry. Mods were up long hours trying to deal with everyone trying to talk about it, and people were getting banned. I think that was my biggest regret and I had no idea there would be so much chaos here as a result.

Nice! It was a very cool concept. I liked it! :smile:




I would see Atlantis involved with this creature. Something “Rikuo” and “Rain”-like.

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I like the idea of an Atlantean warrior. A youtuber mentioned it would be interesting if it were an aquatic alien that Glacius was tracking. Lots of great ideas.

Design wise, I think the main design should take visual queues from Davy Jones’ crew from PotC. With Spinal-Esque pirate gear and seaweed being some of the possible customization options. The retro should take inspiration directly from the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Looks cool, I kinda wanted a swamp thing type monster.

Every day plenty of people post about their character idea the correct way. What you did was not the correct way.

You manipulated the circumstances to give yourself undeserved attention, and in the process hurt others by giving false hopes, by putting the moderators on-edge, scaring the devs (if even for just a second), and causing a domino effect that got people banned, and caused people like me to issue false flags on posts.

No matter what your intentions were, spreading lies and implying a breach in security and the ToS is NOT the way to do it. I can never support what you did, and i am shocked that anyone else IS.

(As the one who put in extra effort to make sure that this leak DIDNT effect anyone negatively, i personally apologize to everyone it DID effect, and i sincerely wish there was a better way to have handled this type of troll in a way that wouldn’t have unintentionally spread the negative impacts even MORE.)


I appreciate your opinion. And I applaud you for being here at ground zero to clean up the Fallout. And as bad as I feel for disappointing people, I stand by my decision. Any other course of action would not have sparked this level of discussion, and so far the reception has been pretty positive, even those who wanted it to be real are telling me they thought it was amazing.

Sure, I may taken a few pointers from the darker side of marketing to promote the idea, but I stand by my decision, and the response I have gotten is exactly what I was aiming for, criticism and all. I achieved what I had worked for. Now the concept is in the hands of the community, a community that is far more aware of its existence than they would have been otherwise. Right and Wrong are subjective, you say I promoted it the wrong way, but in the end, I got the results I wanted. Call me a troll if you wish, but I had taken measures to make sure people would question the image rather than jump to the conclusion that it was real.

You are OBJECTIVELY wrong. You fulfilled your need for attention, wrongly, and are now creating false justifications. You deceived others, directly hurt others, and violated the Terms of Use, and implied separate violations of the Terms of Use.

Your “discussion” should never have been allowed, and i cant believe you werent banned.


I would have loved to post the image here honest from the beginning. But in the end, what I did got me exactly what I wanted, I brought attention to the design, knowing full well how people would feel about my actions, yet people have been less angry than I had expected. I don’t call that a false justification, I got the results I was aiming for, and would not have gotten them otherwise. Mission Accomplished.

As for the Terms of Use, the only rule I broke was posting it here, which was something I had admitted to being an oversight and apologized for. My biggest regret was how it effected this forum in particular.

Was it manipulative? Yes. I will not argue with you there, but in the end I was right. I made a prediction and made the decision that got me the results I wanted.

I’m done defending myself though. It really doesn’t bother me if a couple people on the Internet are angry with me.

I like the character idea/design, and the artist you commissioned for the job executed it very skillfully - but I have to agree that you went about this the wrong way, and I think other folks who submit character ideas to this forum would agree (not that I am included in that group).

This is teetering on sociopathy - not too sure if that’s what you’re after but I figured I’d make you aware.

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This is my exact point. And i thought that the rules wouldn’t allow such behavior, especially at others’ expense.

I really cant hide it…

I am stunned that the Mods and Devs allowed this without punishment.
They went a long time saying “Dont discuss leaks real OR fake”, and almost every post edit they make involves the term “ToU”, yet they allowed someone to break those rules in multiple ways, without punishment. Now this guy gets to roll around in his own ego, that was brought to him by manipulative methods, without even a 2nd thought about what is right or wrong.
I’m just assuming they have their reasons.


It may come across as sociopathy, but I can assure you, I have sympathy for those who had their hopes up or had to clean up after my mess here on the forums. I was not aware that leaks were so taboo in this community and was not around when the previous leaks surfaced. I kinda figured everyone here would be used to it after everything that was leaked in the past and thought people would have fun trying to pick it apart and look for flaws (I thought for sure someone would debunk it somehow). This forum in particular was my biggest oversight.

That said, when I said I didn’t care if people were angry, what I meant was I really don’t care about what people I have never met think of me as a person. Especially when it partains to a single action, it’s not much of a first impression, but I hardly feel this action is an accurate representation of the kind of person I am, so how people react here towards me really doesn’t bother me considering I entered the community as a wild card. Once I’ve been around for a little longer, maybe I’ll start taking things personally but until then, meh.

That said, this thread is being derailed to talk about morals, which doesn’t really partain to the discussion of the design or a Community Fund character.

I got a warning about it and admitted to not knowing about leak taboo, as I had been away from the community for a long time and it was my first and only offense. Now that I have come clean, the design is no longer considered a potential leak, and I really have not broken any other rules by coming clean about it. Now it is simply a discussion about a fan design and nothing more.

That’s part of why I brought that up - the whole “devil may care” thing didn’t really seem to fit with a lot of what you’ve written.

At any rate - welcome to the forums, and I hope we can get to know you better once this whole thing blows over.

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