The [REDACTED] Fish Monster Was A Pitch To Iron Galaxy And The KI Community

Yeah, I think I may have put across the wrong message. I care about how people feel as a result of my actions, I tried to keep skepticism alive for that very reason. I wanted people to want it to be real, I never wanted them to believe it was real.

What doesn’t bother me is the inevitable hounding I was going to get from some of the community for what I did. For that reason, I was willing to scar my reputation with this community for the sake of promoting an idea I was passionate about.

You’ll come to find that people believe the craziest things around here… hehe

Well I appreciate your being big enough to admit your mistake, and I likewise appreciate your passion for KI. Can’t speak for everyone else, but you and I are square. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, would I be a hypocrite for saying “That means a lot”?

Nah man - I know what you mean :slight_smile: And once again, welcome.

To those who said “It looks too detailed to be real”, you were correct.

Check this out to get a more detailed look at the model itself!

Just lol.

Wasn’t fooled for a second but it’s a neat monster.

Appreciate it, and glad I didn’t get your hopes up. I wanted you to be skeptical.

It should definitely not be the 9 character not because it is bad but because the 9th character is a cheap freebie character and not a full fledged character. Would you really want to see a fish monster reusing moves from other characters? Look at shadow jago and omen for what you can expect for a 9th character shadow jago fund raiser was cheap due to being mostly done already the ammount it would cost for this character would be immense.

Shago’s fund was meant to help fund tournaments, not create the character.

Omen and Shago have completely unique gameplay. it doesnt matter that some moves got recycled, they are totally new characters.

This looks amazing Hell yes I’d love to see a fish like monster for KI. I wouldn’t count Aganos as a “beast” but he is in the category as an atomiton. Bascially like Fulgore who is a robot.

I don’t ever count guests they are not part of the franchise so they don’t really add anything to the roster except bring in fans of that series he’s from. But as a whole they really don’t do anything for the game’s original cast. Just the game itself.

I don’t count Arby or Rash or whomever. So yes I love the idea of a viper fish monster.

Aww it was a joke. Well f**k I got fooled…Damn it looked really legit to. You got me dude.

Glad you liked it, sorry about the disappointment. I was hoping everyone would be skeptical-but-interested

Exactly both omen and shago were cheap free bonus characters that’s completely different then this being a ninth character

This would need a unique model, unique animations or people will complain like with omen it’s just not possible that this could be the 9th character even if there is demand

To be fair shago was a special occasion with being apart of the community fund plus being apart of jago. It makes sense they would share animations, similar model and etc. that was done on purpose as was omens basic featureless shadow body.

You have a point with omen sharing animation with random charecters but at that point there just isn’t enough evidence to say that any charecter created in that “ninth” slot is doomed to have sub-par model and animations to the point where you actually don’t want it to be made.

Besides wasn’t omen released in the middle of the S2 roster release schedule? A true 9th charecter would be released at the end of the release schedule allowing the devs to take as much time as needed to spend on it before releasing it( within reason of course)since they won’t have to worry about any other character that needs to be finished

That’s what I was thinking. Aria seems more like a 9th character in terms of developement time. I think a creature from the black lagoon/Viperfish monster could be done justice.

I bet IG could do an even better design. If I were to change the design a little, I’d have really exaggerated the teeth, and made them glassy. Viperfish are kinda known for their long sword-like teeth that look like Broken Glass. That and I’d also really show off more Bioluminescence. Maybe put some glowing bit’s on the back and whiskers. I think it would be an excellent testament to KI’s lighting.

First off, I love the idea but the image looked too flat for me to actually consider it real.

Second, I agree with your thoughts on how to “fool” people with the idea to generate conversation. Though, I could see why what you did would cause some disruption. It may not have been the best way to go, but it was effective.

Finally, I’m not opposed to the idea of this character, but I’d really like to see Eyedol and the much discussed Gorgon idea that @xSkeletalx put forth. Not only because of the lack of monsters, but the disparity in genders.

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It looks good and would definitely fit the current game but personally i think there isn’t enough human characters in the game (I’d like to see more). Storyline wise ARIA was suppose to have a back up plan to take on Gargos this could be that monster. It could be Eyedol too but I really want him in a season 4, the demand for him is so high that they would need someone like him to push sales in a new season otherwise they would have to put more guests in a future season as a cast full of new original characters could be a gamble as much as it would be cool to see. I really don’t think season 3 will be the last major update for this installment of Killer Instinct.

I appreciate the kind words regarding my “Slither” concept!

Still hope that we might see her or something like her in the final two unknowns, it would be really awesome.

This mer-creature is actually supposed to be female, it’s not as apparent but the figure was supposed to come across as subtly feminine, while retaining the beast look. So I can definitely relate. I like Gorgons too, just not sure how feasible it would be to animate te snake half for a fighting game, as cool as it would be. My choice of Viperfish creature is moreso a personal preference that other people tend to “love it when they see it”. It’s not my first time using thee animal as a concept either, I have a Viperfish-style sea serpent named “Hofo Pepe” that I created for a Kaiju fighting game. Even got art by Godzilla comic artist, Matt Frank.