The Overwatch "Issue"

So by now if some of you have heard about a certain thing happening on Overwatch. If you don’t know here’s the video.

So I watched it. I laughed, but was also incredibly angry and dumbfounded. Like honestly…really? Can you be that damn stupid? Seriously, another prime example why humanity is freaking doomed.

Now it all makes more sense why DH/IG were worried about making that orchid retro back in the day. From stupid morons like this. I would love to rip into this guy/girl. I really would. And this isn’t even an issue. And its’ only within games. Like holy hell man…honestly. Can we be robots anytime soon? Please oh please.

Moral of the story stupidity>everything.


A fan retorted by making this animation:

Love it. XD


It’s like a sin nowadays to show off the human body. It’s like we should be ashamed of what we are.

I saw nothing wrong with it at all. To me it made her more cocky than anything…not so much as trying to be sexy. That’s widowmakers personality to be the hot femme fatale and she’s not your typical busty character either.

There is nothing wrong with a woman’s body, they’re human just like us. I don’t understand why violence and torture ■■■■ can be glorified in the theatres and TV, but a fictional characters ■■■ is something to take issue with??? This wreaks of SJW bullsh!t. FFS she’s only polygons

I can name a few reasons

-moral power
-this age

Probably others.

If my fav fictional characters could come to life just to settle something. This would be it. I would just LOVE to see a beatdown like that. The fact to they could slip past everything known to us and just kick the every living crap outta them. Oh man…I would cry tears of joy.

Yeah, ppl with that bullshitt moral superiority trip piss me off the most. They tell you what is right and wrong, and how you should live or view things. Then you notice those same ■■■■ bags don’t have a moral center themselves.

Also if blizzard gives a girl skin tight outfit, then change animations cuz of some bitchh SJW why the hell give her that costume? You’re gonna see her ■■■ everyday in that game. Just like widowmaker. Might as well give em baggy clothes or cover them with armor

We should just go back to the Shakespeare days. Men as women. Then everyone wins. That’s fair…right? RIGHT? The SJW’s know how the world works. Guess we should just ban women from existence. That will solve everything…right?

Humanity is doomed…we need ARIA! PRAISE THE ROBOT!!!

Meanwhile… Bayonetta is in Smash Bros lol.

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Well…time to ban smash. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! They say…you know what?

■■■■■ the children. It’s time for a reckoning…it’s time for the age…of the adult.

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While I agree that people overreact to that situation. The whole ■■■■■ the children mantra is uttered by ■■■■ near every child that hits puberty and suddenly becomes an expert in how the world works.

That’s how we humans function. Get ripe of age then the world is all well known.

Yeah sadly back lash like this is why we won’t ever get any content near Orchids Season 2 outfit.

That aside, who is getting Overwatch on Xbox? Am getting a little worried it may be ditched like CSGO and TF. Not sure if I want to invest on it.

Yeah, I was disappointed how the developers somewhat caved in to the demands of fellow members of the Overwatch community.

On that note, the developers did mention that they had plans for Tracer to have a different pose which made it easy for them to change it.

Undoubtedly, it does show how sensitive to material society and gamers have become to video games, especially when it puts filters on gaming diversity.

I wholeheartedly believe that the developers are genuine and care for the community but if they try to cater to everyone’s needs, they will fail. My point is, let the developers decide.

Ultimately, there will be mixed feelings about either choice but it is what the developer decided to go with. If the character supports the model, as in it works well in the game then why not keep it in there?

This is sad. So very, very sad.

Apparently the devs said the were going to change the pose anyway. They want to make a pose that better suit the charecter tracer. Regardless of my feelings that changeing the pose is unnecessary and provide multiple facets to a potentially one dimensional personality that tracer might have I have to say it’s a relief that they didn’t do it because of that one idiot ranting online.

The pose is almost exactly like widow despite the differences in charecter so it makes more sense for blizzard to change to make tracer more like tracer instead of more like widow than it makes sense that a multi-million games company would cave to an idiots rant online

I thought this was incredibly overblown and a massive overreaction by the fans. To me, the original image doesn’t look like she’s “trying to be sexy,” and I would be willing to bet money that if she had been designed with a long skirt or looser pants in the first place, nobody would ever have had any ground to stand on regarding the pose.

Blizzard chose to go with the skin-tight pants, which made the pose look “offensive.” If that character standing in that pose is presenting a negative image to your kid, I shudder to think what standard cable TV/advertisements are doing.

dont forget mainstream music @xSkeletalx which im sure they allow their children to hear. alot of it is sexual in nature and berates women. specifically the hip hop genre where its all about “fuckk b!tches,get money”. oh but you see a female videogame character doin an over the shoulder pose in skin tight pants, stop everything!

this whole thing that you all are speaking of goes beyond overwatch. we are in an age of social media and where a new generation of millenials has grown up and they’re now out there speaking their mind with their iphones about how they were “triggered”. we’re in an age of censorship and political correctness through the hands of SJWs and other cry babies.

all this is a product of that. they want to change your games, your movies, your comic book heroes, your sports, anything they can get their hands on. its good you all speak about it.

as a consulation at least we have Sadira for the sexy femme fatale, though we’ll never see Orchid don her green leotard again. lol

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Booty or not, I might still get Overwatch. (Looking to see some gameplay, and waiting for my beta code)


Was there anything revolving around sadira showing some booty? I mean when I got the game at launch I remember the whole orchid retro ordeal. But nothing came of sadira who was showing so much good booty…but nothing was said. AND she’s STILL showing more booty then anyone else.

I’m at a loss for words. Still getting overwatch though. PS4 though. can’t wait. Gona be one of my fav shooters because it’s an actual good shooter and not that CoD garbage.

i heard allegedly, Mick Gordon as the one who basically is the person like this Overwatch forum poster that felt uncomfortable about Orchids thong.

therefore, MS responded like the guys from blizzard and catered to him for the sake of having him not leave the ki project