The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread

Yeah, so long as he’s on the forums and keeps up with this thread, or at the very least you can keep him informed, sure. The more the merrier.

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Y’all disregard the ostrich.

Do not sleep on the ostrich. They are dangerous animals.


You know what my favorite thing to have for breakfast is?

Three Ostrich eggs.



Please undestand


I’ll give it a shot!


Sweet! That jumps us up to 19.

I wanted to point out as with all previous tournaments ignore the bracket for now. All the matchups will be randomized before the tournament starts.

Well, with 12 hours to go and only 19 players, I went ahead and randomized the seeds and got the bracket set up. As is this should give everyone a good idea of who you will be up against first.

HOWEVER…Don’t consider it set in stone. I don’t want to discourage any last-minute entries, so if anyone else wants to join, you better get in while you can. I won’t randomize the seeds again though.

As usual the winners’ bracket is spread out a bit more than the losers’ bracket. This is due to more matches being played in the losers’ side of things…so consider the extra time a perk of winning.
Early on I had it where each side had just a week per round, and towards the end the winners’ bracket ended up having to wait nearly 2 months before the losers’ bracket caught up, so I spread it out more to keep them about even on progression.

Anyone have any questions feel free to ask, but before you do, please check the OP and make sure it’s not already covered there.

So my first match is(for now) against @VerminatorX, probably the best Tusk around and definetively a top 5 menace in this tournament, and IF(HUGE IF) I win, I will face @FallibleJoker14, one of the best Eagles I know?


You flatter me…I ain’t that good lol

Also @MDMMORNING, if you ever need to contact BoiCriedShark, contact me. He’s my brother in the tourney. Good luck on your match against him btw :yum:


I’ma get whalloped for sure, but I’ll try to make it rough on him. I am bad at games. :laughing:

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I have to fight @MaruMDQ first.

I’m gonna lose, her Saberwulf is so good. :grin:

It’s going be fun though.


Yooooo i want to see that match. I hope you record it


It will be fun! I’m a bit afraid of Kim’s damage though xD


Yeah, don’t make mistakes! I will definitely capitalize on them!


Selling yourself short there, friend. You have a mean Mira.

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Awww, you’re sweet. Hopefully our schedules can cross paths again, I miss getting bodied by that Raam.

@TheNinjaOstrich & @MaruMDQ, please record and share! I already like the way this bracket is looking!

@WrathOfFulgore - is there any sort of dedicated archive for WTF recordings, like a YT or something? Because if not, that’d be a worthwhile endeavor. There have been some real teachable moment throughout, and some just damn good sets. I actually just went back and watched @STORM179 and @KevBones10 finals from WTF4 a few days ago. Very fun stuff.


No, there’s not really any sort of archive apart from the tournament threads themselves. I have uploaded all of my own matches and a few others some have asked me to host on my own YouTube channel. Others have them on their own channels as well, but no, there is no archive per say.

I have the feeling that I’m going to get destroyed haha.
But I agree,brackets seems fun :grin:

I took a little break from KI these last 2 weeks, I’ve been playing KI2 actually. Next Sunday I have the local tournament so practicing matches next week is a must :scream:

Oh great I get the winner of @MaruMDQ and @TheNinjaOstrich . I’ll get prepared for loser’s bracket.