The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #2 thread

Before I start, thanks to everyone that participated in the first tournament. IMHO it was a huge success, and a lot of fun.

But it’s time for the next Weekly Tournament of the Forums!

Anyway, to start I want to explain what this tournament is about: this is for those of us that don’t have the time to dedicate to a regular tournament, or are only available on certain times of the week, etc. It’s a flexible tournament with a longer time period where you can schedule your matches when you are available, and due to this doesn’t interfere much with everyday life. In fact the name is a bit of a joke…kinda like " WTF do all these other tournaments always happen when I’m not available?"

Here are the rules:

Each round of this tournament will take place each week until the tournament is over. Participants will be required during each week to arrange their match, First to 3 wins, sometime during the week and post the results to the Ultra-combo forums in the official tournament thread. If an arrangement cannot be made within the week a judgement call will be made on who advances. When the week is over (midnight CST Thursday night/Friday morning), the next round will begin.
The winner of a match is locked into his character choice, and a player can only change characters to counterpick after a lost match.
The prize will be a $40 Xbox gift card…er…code, or an equivalent depending on your region (a little help in figuring out how exactly to do that would be appreciated)

Recording & posting a video of the match is not required but is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. In the initial tournament I put this as a requirement, but let it slide because it seemed participants were having trouble figuring out how to do it. I may make a tutorial before this tournament starts on several methods of recording that people can do. It is in no way necessary, but it adds to the fun of the tournament…otherwise all we have is a thread where 2 guys meet up & then give out stats on who won. Also, if you don’t have a way to upload the video to the forums, let me know & I’ll host them on my youtube channel.

Ok…with all of that out of the way, here is the sign-up link:

And the bracket is here:

The tournament will start in 2 weeks on October 21 and each round will start every following week, so you have until midnight the following thursday, Central time. If the bracket fills up we’ll go ahead and get a jump-start on week 1 like last time, and you can advance up the bracket early if your matches become available.

Anyway, hope everyone has fun & let’s get things rolling:

@Dayv0 @LemonHunter38 @Draigh @SightlessKombat @TheSkullAddict @DarkLrdChuckles @blandestjohn
@Zcythe @Skryba @PVXenoraptor

edit: forgot to mention: Before the start of the tournament all the matchups will be decided via a online randomizer, so don’t go off of what the bracket says who your opponent is going to be before that, as it’ll just fill in names as people sign up.

Update: I just started a WTF tourney club on Xbox Live. I figured it would be an easy way for everyone from here on to be able to find their opponents & perhaps coordinate things better. The club name is “Ultra Combo Weekly Tournament of the Forums club”. I’ll start working on inviting everyone, but if I somehow miss anybody my apologies…but it’s public so you can join yourself. :wink:


@BigBadAndy @DulXboxOne @STORM179 @Crainiak24 @ORambleO

And if you guys could help tag others…this tourney is twice as big, so we need more players.


I’m in.

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@KevBones10 @SlenderCashew50 @MandrillManiac @oTigerSpirit @TheNinjaOstrich

Also, I’m in!


Still no tag for me? :’(



Didn’t do so well in #1 but I know I’ll do better in this one :wink:

I signed up.


gotta represent the shame team. I’m in!


I’m in. I only hope to continue my streak of going .500 and if I do, I will actually be in town for all four weeks this time.

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I’m in!

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Signed up!


I did too.


Well that’s a third of the roster so far…

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Hey, as an added bonus @Thunderb3E will be playing!! For those that don’t know, he’s my oldest son. So Yay!

Oh, BTW, I’ll be helping with handling his matches & scheduling, so whoever plays against him, just talk to me…you know, being his dad & all. :wink:


hi I am Thunderb3e.
This is my first time on the tournament and my second time on the killer instinct forums look forward to beating everyone.

Sorry I meant to say ‘playing’ everyone. :wink:


This kid has moxy…we like him :thumbsup:


And on top of that, he occasionally beats me when we play together, if that tells you anything about his skill level.

This an older video (season 2) of the 2 of us playing together & playing a bit online. He’s in gold rank now.

Storm…please, don’t be that guy :laughing:

And just in case anyone isn’t keeping up with the original WTF thread, here is the replay of the previous tournament Grand Finals sets.

I’ll be spending the next month in Japan and Singapore, and so won’t get to participate in this one, but looking forward to watching the upcoming matches from all you guys :slight_smile:


I await my inevitable loss…