The Nintendo NX - what is it?

So , Nintendo are due to unveil their new ‘console’ in the next few months - and there’s been all types of crazy speculation, everything from a powerhouse 4K console, to a Nintendo Xbox!!?

There have been a few hints about the hardware, from patent applications and journalists - but it’s all still speculation at this point. I was wondering what you guys make of this stuff and what do you hope to see?

Ages ago Nintendo mentioned that the NX will fit ‘into’ the product family rather than ‘replace’ anything.

The console patent application shows no optical drive, but it does have an HDD + external HDD support + memory cards

The gamepad patent shows it still has a display / but does it now have touchscreen face buttons???

A supposed screenshot from a GFK market research survey suggests it is (or can be used as) a standalone device, (plus it mentions the sensor bar - which along with memory cards may hint at backwards compatibility.)

Whereas a tweet from a Wall Street journal reporter suggests it can connect to other (non Nintendo) devices.

Another patent shows a supplemental computer device -

It also shows data requests being sent to the supplemental device for processing/storage.
Box 414 says configure supp. proc. device to ‘share resources.’
Does this mean the NX can use hardware features of other devices to it’s own advantage, will they both benefit off of each other, or is it a streaming type of connectivity?

Whatever it is they have high expectations, + it must be appealing/affordable.

Is it a digital only console, a streaming device, some kind of add-on or something else??? What do you guys make of it all???


A VR maybe? All I know its not replacing the Wii U

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I read an article that said the NX will be capable of 900p output. Hopefully this means Nintendo is getting back to making a games console for games sake. While they had arguably the best focus on games out of the Gen8 consoles (and the best local multiplayer options) the lack of power and the awkward controller were a bit of a turn off for me.
I’d be fine with them keeping support for Wii/WiiU style games and controllers, but I think its in their best interest to be capable of running big third party games. Plus, it gives extra competition to Sony and Microsoft, and competition breeds quality. If there’s a 3rd console entering the Gen9 console “war”, it would be a great kick in the pants for the console industry. If the NX is similar in power to other offerings at a more competitive price, it might lead to some very interesting marketing situations (and maybe some higher fidelity titles from Nintendo.)

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I think it is digital only new games and all the old games work off the WiiU via backwards compatible.
I believe they will be streaming games as well.

This makes it more affordable because the cost lies within the game rental/purchase itself.

get everyone to buy the console for cheap… then make the most money off the games. If it will play 3DS games on a big screen, that will be a huge deal…plus play the wiiU games. ANd you have the Eshop with the retro games.
Im excited to see what it is!


I can’t imagine how we can play Super Smash Bros on NX…

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Not Xuitable…maybe?

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its a mystery i am really eager to see answers about. we just dropped $250 on a U last year with my brother, would suck to have to shelve the damn thing already so it better be good! the U has wonderful games, its just there arent many of them! i hope the NX doesnt have that issue and *for the love of god can we please get a 2.5D metroid and F-zero???*no more marios, no more zeldas damnit. thanks!

anyway, i hope they dont ■■■■■ around with too much gimmicky tech like the touch pad on the U. it has its uses though like in xenoblade chronicles. i also heard about it being able to be used with other devices, i wonder in what capacity? the late iwata said something of the sort that they were gonna push boundaries with it. if nintendo wants this thing to do damage, it needs power, it needs 3rd party support, and it needs games more than anything with accessibility. ppl are turned off by the wii/wii U because of the gimmicks involved.

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I like the WiiU game pad! I think its amazing! I love how the games have the map on the pad screen or other details that would normally be on the main screen. Like Mario Kart is just so amazing on WiiU…its just blows me away. I wish I played out Wii U more.


I don’t know what it is but if it sees a new version of F-Zero, Nintendo will have my money.


i play mostly Tropic Freeze on the U, so the gamepad is pretty useless. mario kart 8 like that game looks absolutely amazing. its so clean its ridiculous

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Sorry, I kind of disappeared after starting this thread.

It seems that gaining third party support, bringing back older IPs + not alienating current Wii U owners are concerns mentioned above which hopefully Nintendo will get right.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for another Metroid Prime, Wave Race or F-Zero.

Other speculation/rumors I’ve read hint at:

The NX being region free ( I hope this is true.)

Apparently the NX will being getting it’s own edition of Smash Bros at launch (not sure if it’s a beefed up port, or new game.)

The guy who’s making/directing the next Mario game did the Galaxy games…!

Retro studios have launched a new website - (note Federation Force is being made by Next Level) so it’s likely Retro will have something to show.

Also the new 3DS - has an extra c stick + plus two extra shoulder buttons, and would be able to mimic a standard console joypad easily , plus it has a quad core processors and double the RAM and VRAM. Perhaps the new features are hinting at future compatibility/streaming with the NX???

Hopefully we’ll see something at GDC which is a few weeks away.

Yeah, I could see some sort of odd 3DS - NX compatibility, where you get the console with a 3DS together and you can play console level games on the 3DS the way you can play games now on the Wii-U gamepad separately from the TV, or you can stream your 3DS game to the TV and play it there.

I could see that being a cool option for the NX. Pair it with something that’s already successful for those that don’t have a 3DS already (I’d pay $400 for a new console with a 3DS), or let people buy each part separately. The console works by itself and it’s a next-gen caliber console and standard controllers can be used.

I feel like that’s something that would be unique enough to be Nintendo, yet standard enough to not scare away 3rd party companies. If it turned out to be more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One, it might even bring more curious companies in to make games for it.

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