The most satisfying feelings in KI?

Slowly walking up from half screen distance and throwing someone because you’ve made them scared to press buttons,


Right now it is crushing TJ’s Powerline with a well-timed heavy attack into wind kick and starting a combo. I don’t think many people do it and once I realized you could and practiced it, I think it leaves many TJ players surprised.

Winning the matches you didn’t think you were gonna win


Damn, that was some lit comeback :ok_hand:

baiting a grab with taunt as shago before instinct cancelling into demon.

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Punishing people’s preemptive jumps with Kim Wu’s Dragon Kick.

Setting a new ultra record with a character. I recently set Shin Hisako and Kilgore after taking Cinder’s. Once the new character drops I’ll try for theirs too :slight_smile:

Winning by a scrap of health after a well-fought back & forth match.

Playing the old games for a while and then coming back to KI2013-17 and feeling how much smoother the controls are. :heart_eyes:

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Mira - Dealing anywhere between 70-100% damage off a counter breaker (the damage!)

Hisako - Dashing under a projectile and going for an Influence grab (the reaction!)

Maya - Doing her dagger/pip damage ender from S2 (miss them so much)

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Landing Demonic Despair


Doing massive damage

getting 100 hit ultras (soon to be replaced with ultimates)

Defeating my brother @Jeffron27 in match ups he beats me in

Arbiter parry! I feel like I’m Daigo when my Arbiter parry. Lol

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Landing an Ultimare to fully finish off my opponent! Nothing feels better than putting @Justathereptile through one : U

100% damage with RAAM. Feels goooooooooood!


Vengeance will be mine bro.


Putting a huge burnout on my opponent, juggle into corner, shadow fireflash cash out into recap and then ultra
Fiery destruction :boom:

Successfully shadow countering Maya’s mixups while she’s trying to throw instinct firecats at you

Finishing a lifebar with ARIA’s shotgun knee ender

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