The little things in KI

Ambient sounds hearable when you crank up ambient volume to maximum and lower every other volume down. Like thunders on Devil`s Landing, men screaming on Sadira stage, etc.


Shadow counter works against his double roundhouse.

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Little likes:
-Fulgore’s spinning blade walk up on the select screen
-Wulf’s background behind his stage when you lookout the window on the left side
-The way the KI logo folds in to the screen at the very beginning
-The fact that KI gold is now something you can get in Daily Loot
-Riptor’s story being an owner’s manual
-Having multiple announcer voices, including ARIA’s, which I think is underrated
-Discovering my love for a character 3 years after they came out because this roster is so deep, so varied and so fun (Sadira)
-The foreboding music in Shadow Lords
-Fighting shadows in Shadow Lords
-All the designs scrolled on Eyedol’s body
-Thecsheer variety of items in Shadow Lords as well as their creative names and designs
-The entire main area in Shadow Lords. It’s colorful, informative and intuitive
-The spinning purple vortex on each place in SL
-Use of hero art in survival mode
-Kan Ra’s creepy smile and voice
-The women in the game feeling less like T&A window decorations / floatation devices than most other fighters

Little dislikes:
-The balls on Jago’s sash moving around like they have someplace to be while he’s sitting on the ground during his intro
-Combo fonts not matching victory fonts
-Staring at the Checking DLC or Searching For Opponent screens and not seeing something more visually appealing
-Not being able to choose your color in Shadow Lab despite having it in the customize menu
-Triangles and hexagons everywhere on the menus, load up screen, checking DLC screen etc
-KanRa going from being this devious threat that’s been reawakened in season 2 to being this sort of incompetent good guy in season 3
-Sabrewulf’s instinct being my least favorite in the game in spite of him being my favorite character
-Connecting to Ultratech Servers seemingly failing multiple times
-Use of 3D character models on prematch “Fight On” screen. Actually this whole screen could stand to be redone
-TJ Combo’s autobarrage feeling so intrusive on his regular combos to the point that I don’t even want to use him
-Shadow and mimic skins only being recolors with an effect on them and not fully unique skins, though they are nice for what they are

Well, I could keep going, but I’ll leave it at that. Maybe I’ll come back and put a few more in later if I think of any.


Thunder’s retro is another thing I don’t completely like.

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You don’t like that???
I always thought it was reference to a tiger tail like a cat that sits before it gets up to do whatever lol

His sash looks exactly like a tiger tail waving

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I always thought this was cool.

I agrre with all of these.

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I just think that the victory fonts look far better and that the overall style could benefit from some cohesion. The current combo fonts are holdovers from the season one menus. Kinda just wish they’d all match up with the cooler looking font, but that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean. I only like them because those combo fonts have been around since season 1. And I also really like the victory fonts, they remind me of the ones from the original KI.