The Legend of Thunder in Accessories gif

New costume look awesome! :sunglasses:

I found this from KI twitter.

The Legend of Thunder costume drops this week. Are you ready?

— Killer Instinct (@KillerInstinct) December 19, 2016

No accessories though, dang. Oh well, hopefully it has Colors.


I can’t wait for Wednesday. New Thunder costume and maybe (hopefully) 3.6 w/ the Terror skins on my last day at home before I go to see the family for Christmas? It’s going to be a good day.

Damn. It does look awesome.

So its a whole new costume, interesting.

I had kinda hoped it would be an accessory kit for the current Thunder, since thematically they’re the same thing. At least this opens up the door for more costumes down the line on other characters.

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Well, we wanted new costumes and this definitely qualifies. VERY happy with how this turned out! He looks awesome. Really hoping that more characters can get stuff like this soon.

As for accessories, I can’t imagine they’ll put a whole group of accessories on each new costume (assuming they decide to release more costumes). To me, that seems like asking a bit much. Same goes for colors, albeit to a lesser extent.

I’m more than happy with a new outfit without having nine separate color options or several accessories or whatever. Just give me something like this as an “as the artist intended” kind of a deal and I’m thrilled. :slight_smile:


Wednesday? Nah. Try Tuesday.


Alright, guys, this is as close as we’re gonna get with classic Thunder.

Looks great though. I hope the new lighting system doesn’t do any bad to this costume.

Man, he looks great.

Kudos to the Nez Pierce and devs for making this happen.

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I approve this Meme

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I went ahead and made a larger GIF. (click to enlarge)


I didn’t like how Thunder looked in the original KI. His new design in KI3 is, IMO, one of the best along with Spinal. The character looks amazing and feels very strong. The new skin also looks pretty neat! I imagine how happy Thunder players must be with this.


I’m dying to see something like this with Tusk. Some old school Viking/Scottsman inspired clothing/armor with furs and a kilt~
That and an accessory to give Modern Wulf KI2’s cyber arms!

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As a veterinarian, I would think it would be hilarious to see a poodle or hairless Chinese crested version of Saberwulf.

Omg he’s beautiful look at his hair!

Any accessories???