The last two crimson guardians added to the game are a complete embarassment

Today we’ve got the Cr.Tiger, and when I checked it… it only says “never gets empty”?, sorry, not english speaker. But after that, nothing else!, not even the %s of attack, defense… nothing, no more text than those 3 words.

And the previous crimson guardian, after a loooooooong time believing they forgot about updating/completing the game, was The Cr.Watcher, I think?, doesn’t have any extra special trait and its stats are like the epic version.

Really, whoever is keeping the game updated after Iron Galaxy put all of his attention into Extinction, these new Cr.Guardians are ridiculous, and The Tiger was the limit.

Please, if you’re not going to put some effort then better leave the game as it is.

i’ve just checked to see what the issue is and I can’t see the issue you’re talking about.

C.Tiger Has 58% DMG, 65% DEF. It increases the guard crush meter by 10% from Normals and Shadow attacks and 11% from Special moves. Unlike the other versions, the crimson variant can never drain.

C.Watcher has 65% DMG, 70% DEF, with the special ability being you can’t take any chip damage while using it. So any zoning, pressure or chip out situations are negated when using it.

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Those are nice stats for the Cr.Tiger, if anyone checks!Apf2cRAMLUHygRrlN01nHCe-ks8w there’s a screenshot of the Cr.Tiger “description” I see, and it might be because of someone in the translation department is lazier than a sloth in diazepam.

But the Cr.Watcher is so sad, because as I said it’s almost like an epic one with nothing new like the Cr.Tiger’s infinte bar, or the Cr.Ram and Cr.Bat extra crit stats (those could be better than that, like, in Cr.Ram if you guess the combo breaker strength the enemy is stunned and you can start a combo with half of the combo bar filled already, if not, just a normal breaker. And the Cr.Bat, after it activates it does automatically a small vampirism without touching the oponent, but when you hit the opponent is a bit weaker than the epic one. Please, use that thing called imagination, Guardian designers), extra 25%DMG for the Cr.Exemplar, etc… at least it should have more stats than the Killer version or an extra trait if it’s like an epic one.

Thanks for showing the missing stats. What platform are you on? Also please confirm the language is set to Spanish. Is there any other settings you have on (region, etc.) I may have missed so I have a good 1:1 repro. (currently I see this correctly on my x1 dev build, so looking deeper).

Thanks for the suggestions as well, I am looking at all the stats etc.

Dude, maybe consider taking it down a notch. Some things might be mistakes, and other things might just not be to your liking, but regardless, how about laying off of the hyperbole for a second and just telling the human beings working on this stuff that there are issues? Is there any particular reason why you need to do that while trashing them?


You dont have to be a jerk about it. I guarantee you wouldn’t say it to their face in person at a live KI event.
Be respectful and the team will correct it ASAP.