The Killer Instinct Community Guide

@SightlessKombat For the order of the writing, you might have to give us a style of writing you would like us to match, or to follow. Everybody has a different writing style. I’m sure you can find out my writing style by reading it, but say if I wanted to change it for a different purpose and write on a scholarly level, I can.

It absolutely depends on the situation and topics at hand. As Infil states, too many people writing the guide can lead to multiple different implications, problems and consequences associated with letting multiple people write one guide. However, My educated guess is that we have to find a generalized writing style you would like us to follow, that way I can go out of my way to try and match it to the best of my ability, so the guide seems more unified. Whether it be writing with a more sophisticated vernacular, or writing to a broader audience, you need to take in account of the people reading the guide, and whether they can take information out of it with the text that is on screen. :grinning:

Like that. I usually don’t write like that due to me being more comfortable with my own writing style, but I can write on a scholarly level. It’s just a preference to what you would like your guide to be.

Now you’re asking the big questions, as it were. I want this to all fit together as much as you do, but I@ll have to think on that one. The trouble is, the things I want to be included in this guide might be a little tricker to demonstrate stylistically. Though if you throw out a suggestion or two of what I could write to demonstrate it, I’ll try and put something together as an example. Don’t forget, you’re writing primarily for an audience who have little or no sight. That and we’re trying to outdo the Killer Instinct Wiki’s what I’d say are rather generic descriptions…

I’ll see if I can dig out the Mortal Kombat deception guide that describes the characters etc from GameFAQs - that sort of style was a very good introduction to how to describe fictional/videogame characters IMHO.

Thanks for the tips though, I appreciate your help in all of this.

Like Always. Lol

That’s the thing with guides, is that not everyone will be able to take in the information, even if it’s written in a simplified way. you have to go for what is best for the majority.

I understand. They are very generic descriptions on what is what in Killer Instinct.

No problem. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or anything you would like to ask me. I’ll be glad to give my two cents to you. :smile:

I would not mind throwing my hat into the ring if I can help in some form.

Yes, replying to my own post again. Just to say thanks again for replying quickly as you all keep doing. Moreover, i’ve found the Mortal Kombat Deception Guide I mentioned. Now. First thing’s first with this guide. Whilst it does describe elements of the costumes, it sometimes works off of pre-existing knowledge. Since not only have/do the costumes change from game to game and even from outfit to outfit, but the main audience for which this guide is designed might not have seen the characters in the first place, it might be best to not only describe the character, but for the default outfit (as most people with no vision might not even mind what the different ones look like), mention any similarities to previous games and describe the article/item if necessary.

I did try to make an example, but got stuck due to my relative lack of knowledge of what the characters look like :smiley:

i hope the guide I linked to is useful. I mean I know it’s a different game entirely, but the style, hopefully, can be similar - detailed descriptions, the dojo lessons (which are already being capably handled), move lists and throw descriptions (when we get to that point).

Sorry I can’t be of more help at the moment, but I hope that gets the idea cells going. :smiley:

Replying to your post isn’t bad. In fact, I like when the Original Creator replies back, as it lets me know that they are still watching the topic, and still care about it enough to provide more questions or feedback.

I understand. Something you wouldn’t have known. like example:

Description: Scorpion looks very much like he did in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. His mouth guard more closely resembles the one worn in Mortal Kombat 4 however.

Doesn’t give much detail to someone that has no sight.

Like a complete character description? Like if I saw Sub-Zero for the first time in my life. I try and describe him?

Patience. I wanted to explain to you how Jago looks during our sets, but I think we were having too much fun destroying each other. LOL

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I’m trying to get this reply out so I don’t forget.
Your Sub-zero idea, I think you’re on the right lines. The way I think of it is kind of like he’s in a book/characterisation in a theatrical production or similar - the character is just being introduced and you’ve never seen him before :smiley:

With that Jago description, I believe you might be right, we were too entertained by the prospect of beating each other into submission with various characters. :smiley:

Just popping back in to say I haven’t forgotten about this project. Far from it. I just have other things that are sadly taking up my time. I am still looking forward, once I release the testing/work in progress version, to seeing the contributions you guys are willing to throw at me.

Just dropping in for an update. It’s been a little while in coming, but here’s how I was partially planning for the initial version to look - there will probably be some spelling errors etc, but I can clean those up once the guide is more fleshed out.

If you want access to the layout, go here

Let me know what you think - I know there’s a complete lack of colour as well but that could always be worked out/changed later.

Good stuff. It’s going great so far! I’m interested in how this guide will evolve. Keep us updated, and I’ll be sure to do my best, and everyone else on ultra !

The important thing to note is that it won’t evolve without contributions, of which none have either been posted here or reached me directly… I’m not trying to rush people though, way I see it is sooner we get started, sooner we’ll be up-to-date with everything. Glad you like it though, look forward to seeing everyone’s input.

Just letting everyone know that the KICG has just been updated with all the backstories thus far (up to Orchid as of the time of writing).

At least things are starting to look a bit more complete, even though we have nothing on any of the characters description/moves wise etc.

This is really now a true call for your assistance. I have the start of the guide as you can see int he link given above, but I really need you all to contribute what you can to make this guide the resource it should/deserves to be. you can PM me information, or you can find my contact details in the above posts as well.

I need to remind myself to check this out from home. I can only commit to contibuting to the Hisako-related portions, but it’s help nonetheless. I’m going to have to dig a bit on the “Back Story” section though, unless they release one for her prior to my finishing the writing.

You won’t have to contribute the backstory - I’ll add the official version when they release that. Other than that, thanks very much for being willing to contribute. Even if the information comes through in bits and pieces, that’s fine, but I want to try and have a preferably near constant stream of information coming in as soon as possible (to keep it updated with any patches that come between now and Season 3). Hope that makes sense.

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Sounds like a stellar idea, and I’m certain to contribute in the near future! Stay tuned! :grin:


I call Fulgore.
Fulgore: The robot who strikes fear into his opponent using his huge arsenal of weapons and tools goven to him by Ultratech. By coordinating them together,he can lay waste to his opponents. If you can control him and use all his tools to their potential,you can easily take control of the match. However if you are not up to the challenge,you will fall. Are you up to the challenge to use this Ultratech robot? If you are,read the manual below to start up your very own Fulgore Unit. Read carefully. You don’t want to miss out on anything.

Is this a good introduction for Fulgore here?

A bit of editing and maybe a note about him being the product of Ultratech would be good.

I hadn’t factored in introductions - but that could be part of a contents section maybe - I’ll think about it. The previous poster’s right though, including the factthat Fulgore units are an Ultratech product would be good.

I’ve updated the guide recently with the beginnings of the menu structure and a basic key in the introductory sections as well.

Edited to add some Ultratech there.