The Groan-Inducing Character Poll, Round 2

Here’s a link to the first poll, for context.

The first poll’s results are fascinating: lots of peoples’ groan-inducing character wasn’t listed, and there was more Jago fear than I expected. To dig into all that “mine’s not listed, here” data, let’s have round two, with an improved set of choices based on feedback I got from the first poll.

RECAP OF THE QUESTION: Which character in KI makes you groan something like “ooooohhhh dammit” the hardest when you see them on the VS screen? Assume player skill is controlled–you’re playing the same person every time, and they just keep picking characters until they get through the whole roster.

REMEMBER: Eyedol is not listed, because everyone knows he’s broken and en route to patches as of 22 August 2016. So, if your choice would be Eyedol, then mark your second choice, below.

  • Glacius
  • ARIA
  • Sabrewulf
  • Sadira
  • Hisako
  • Maya
  • TJ Combo
  • Cinder
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Fulgore
  • Shadow Jago
  • Rash
  • Chief Thunder
  • Gargos
  • Jago
  • No character makes me feel like that
  • Mine’s Not Listed, Here

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Jago & shadow Jago will always be the top ‘this guy’ my

Especially since Jago is going permanently free

Alright, im going to say it… And hold nothing back.

The fact that Jago is considered a scary character leads me to 100% believe that this community just follows this mind set:

“Whichever character is winning should get nerfed.”

I DONT believe the hate for him is justified. I have other theories.

Theory 1.

  • People are watching all the other characters get nerfed / buffed all the time, so when a pro player picks a pretty “normal” character to avoid drastic nerfs / buffs in the future, everyone looks at the character and says “Well why doesnt HE get any nerfs?”

Theory 2.

  • People are mad that their gimmicky characters aren’t beating Jago. The way MOST people play this fighting game is to pick a character, then find some cool “tech” that looks fancy and wins against noobs, then rocket their way up the leader-board until they hit Killer tier. At that point, a SENSIBLE player who plays Jago and focuses on tight, strategic gameplay, SMASHES through the gimmick “tech” and wins demanding-ly. Salt ensues.

Theory 3.

  • Good, ol’ fashioned, bandwagon mentality. The people who REALLY put in work in this game understand that Season 3 is still quite “new”, and that there are plenty other characters who have bright futures. Their potential is just un-tapped right now. But instead of considering the WHOLE CAST, people tend to just look at 2 characters. “Theirs”, and “The one MINE is losing to right now”. They are narrow minded, and even after the Jago nerfs, they will continue to loose to other characters and begin the same thought process over again. Just “Jumping” to the next character in line ready to be the target of hate.

Unless Jago is nerfed SUPER HARD, i DONT believe these people will be satisfied. I really think this character is going to finally break the bandwagon mentality. you know why?

Jago is going to receive some small nerfs, and everyone is going to say “THANK GOD, now i can finally beat him!”, but then… Even with the nerfs, they will continue to loose to great mind-games. The good players of the community will continue to win, even WITH a weaker tool-set, and then the people who cryed for nerfs will have nothing else to blame their losses on than themselves.

Of course, most of them will not accept that fate. They will probably create 50 more threads titled:

“Were the Jago nerfs really enough? I dont think so.”


Ooor we just see him entirely too much and hope for some diversity in our opposition? shrugs

He can be nerfed, buffed or remain entirely the same but I’ll still be bored of fighting him, win or lose.

*shrug *Or people could just not enjoy fighting him for whatever reason (he’s seen too much, dislike of his general gameplan, health regen is annoying, etc).

There are plenty of characters who I think are fantastically balanced but who I simply dislike fighting against. Not liking a character doesn’t necessarily mean you think they’re OP.

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Unfortunately, with Jago becoming forever-free, you’re always going to see a lot of him. FG players, especially those new to the game or the old-school fundamentalists, will often opt for the tried-and-true shoto kit because it is simple and effective. Jago, Ryu, Sol, the Mishimas… they’re here to stay, en masse. If you wish to avoid them, you’re better off with lobbies and friendly invitations.

That’s just the reality of the genre. It’s a boring reality, you’re definitely correct in that assessment. But reality nevertheless.

I think ZD was more trying to point to the crowd that cries “too strong” as opposed to those that call “too many”. Too many will always be a valid complaint, but it’s the one complaint that can’t really be solved.

(I’m not saying you’re wrong or anything by the way. I’m just talking)

EDIT:[quote=“ZDhome, post:3, topic:13706”]
100% believe that this community
This choice of phrasing does come off a bit strong, and does have some "personal"ish implications, so I get defending your position.

The way the original thread was worded made it seem like the question was about annoying gameplay. I consider any character with shoto gameplay to not be annoying, so i didnt consider the “boredom” aspect.

Even still, im POSITIVE the poll results were tainted by nerf discussions.

If you dont fit the description of the post i made, its not for you.

Well, I hope with the massive tidal wave of Jago that is coming, we will fight him so much, that any Jago that comes our way, we just body them.

All paths will be closed! Lol.

As for Groan Characters,

Mine is actually Thunder. Those Flipout Mixups and Command Grab/ DP Shenanigans get me all the time. It was Hisako for a while, but thanks to @Marbledecker & @STORM179, that matchup isn’t that bad now. I have more respect for the young Ghost Girl. :slight_smile:


People that complain about jago remind me of people that complain about ryu/ken lol

It makes me nervous to upgrade my internet and play online.

Yeah, for the record (though I’m sure I’ve said it a bunch), I’m not much of an online player. My opponents are always (thus far) sitting in the same room as me, so I’m slightly immune to the Jago Army. My connection is so bad I just lag out, and that isn’t fun for anyone.

The Mishimas (Kazuya and Heihachi in particular) were some of my favourite shotos ever from any fighting game, I can also dig Akuma and Morrigan because of the small level of added complexity.

I also can’t help but think that maybe this whole thing could be evened out a little bit if every character had a complete dojo dedicated to them, though playing against some Jagos that basically Endokuken and do the uppercut and low sweep, some of them clearly thought this was Street Fighter and decided not to bother learning that this game, in fact, has combos.

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I don’t understand why Riptor isn’t on either of these polls. Between the endless vortex and the Run-up flame/throw/sweep shenanigans she is easily my most hated opponent.

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Jago is just annoying because I have no idea when it’s my turn.

I feel you there. I feel bad being a Jago player sometimes. So many 50/50 setups and stuff. When I get it done to me, I’m like:



Five-way tie for me between Rash, Glacius, Sadira, Kan Ra, and Shadow Jago. I voted Glacius because he’s the most common in my experiences, but these are all irritating to me.

Edit: I forgot to mention Aganos. I continuously forget that he is even in the game, hence my need for an edit.


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I find some characters difficult to play against, but not enough to groan over lol. With that being said I honestly struggle against Sadira.

Sadira for me, and it always will be.

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I cannot emphasize enough how boring Jago is for me to see. But on the other hand, it makes it so much more satisfying to triple ultra them into the ground on a win. Down with the Jago Army!