The "Godlike with All Buffs" thread

Alright, so. Just thought I’d come and brag about beating Gargos with all buffs.
Took a few tries, but I figured out how to do it: Omen.
Edit: Video Here:

Start the match with full Shadow via Rusted Spider, then pop it again with the Elixir of Greater Focus. 2 Demonic Despairs, 2 one chance breaks.
It took a bit of luck, but I caught him in a less jumpy mood. First life bar went according to plan, second one he popped instinct and got his Winions out. But I persevered and got the minions knocked down. Hit him with Forward+HP into Shadow slide, one auto, and the Van Dame of Death.

I imagine this will be patched by launch, but it just felt awesome knowing my evil scheme worked.
So, anyone else do the Godlike All Buffs Run yet?


Why would it be patched? Honestly these kinds of things sound more like “a retune” so that gargos actually moves around more and does all that stuff instead of taking hits.

I almost took him down on Godlike with Shago.

I used the quest item that boosts your projectile damage by 150% and then waited for him to use instinct and just hammered him with shadow quintuple fireballs as many times as I could muster. He just had to sit there and eat the damage, I wound up loosing but still the strategy has potential.

I did it by using no Guardians, relics and consumables, but it was pretty much a luck setup of the Gargos’ buff that I took a chance, also Gargos’ AI needs to fix the issue he has by recieving crouching HK attacks during his instinct, that’s his MAJOR flaw that makes the fight easy on ANY difficulty (the Eye of Gargos buff somehow on Godlike balances out this issue with the parries).

I hope they don’t fix this because he found a legit way to beat him

Is a VERY legit startegy, maybe the thing that can be done to the AI is to make Gargos jump more, but since is an AI, this stuff is likely to stay, but maybe taking almost all hits of crouching HK may get fixed to make the fight a little bit harder.

I hadn’t gotten to that point yet but that tool is my go to for Jago, also starting with full instinct and two shadows…

Man, we are so excited to be able to beat Gargos easily.

When the full build finally launches, Gargos will not spare us from the complete and total BUTT WHOOPING we shall receive. It will be a massacre! :sob:

Nah, this is just a great way to deal with “broken bosses”, which is totally normal in a fighting game at an insane difficulty XD

Loved what you did there with Omen.


Nice one!

I thought the whole point of a difficult A.I. was to have them make in-human reactions, and break everything without flaw. This Gargos A.I. cant react to Demonic Despair? That just doesn’t seem right at all.

(Not to mention Gargos didnt even press a button most of the match.)

Ultimately it’s an AI and you can cheese out any ai. Hell boss shago was crazy broken but i still managed to cheese him but good.

Well you can’t really “cheese” the AI. Since it just lets you win.

All you used to have to do was hit him once and then hit crouching light kick with Jago until time ran out, he’d get stuck in a blocking loop and just sit there doing nothing.

As someone who has been playing video games since they were created, I can tell you, “cheesing” the AI, finding shortcuts, “cheapness”, and tech has always been what it’s about in every game ever. Video gamers love to find shortcuts, “cheese”, tech, etc. What a great feeling it is to find it first!

Great job @Fwufikins!

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I just did it. I didn’t get the 4 buffs or more achievement though, for a reason I ignore.

I feel like Mira might be the Gargos killer, even though she is a glass cannon. Why ? Because she has a lot of great double hits buttons (Stand Fierce), she hits hard, she moves fast. And her weakness means nothing against Gargos, because he can crush you with one combo, even without grey life.

I just tried it a few times with Omen, the first try I got him down in round one instantly. The second round I managed to catch him but he regenerated to much health by the time I got another ender off and he killed me. Then my other two characters failed horribly and got bodied, couldn’t even take him down from 15% with two other characters. He just kept absorbing health. x__x

The other two attempts I couldn’t even land my grapple, its instantly frustrating when that happens because you know you’re screwed and all of your relics are wasted.

i wonder why he was so gentle with you… Shadow Lords are clearly not finished yet.

I had the same @xCrimsonLegendx, u need to be lucky a bit too, but after a try or four I had to take a break, because it started to feel like work instead of fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not trying this guys tech, just using items and guardians, and I am getting clobbered. My first guy does ok, then my other guys get slaughtered. I’m trying Gargos with 4-5 buffs. Tough stuff!