The computer......and IG


As I mentioned before, fighting game AI (especially at higher difficulty settings) is a throw back to the old coin op machines that were designed to be cheap in order to force people to use more quarters.

To be honest, other than grinding levels, I never use the AI to learn the game. With new characters I go to Exhibition and once I’m confident enough, I go to Ranked. I find you’ll always learn more by fighting actual other players, versus a computer any day.


Shadow Survival. You can play all you want all day long. And on the top tier there is enough of a limited pool that you typically get to play against the same players over and over.

Also, once again, Double Helix made the AI the way it is, not IG. Blaming IG is kinda like blaming the on duty burger cook for messing up your order when the cook that actually made your burger already clocked out and went home.


They had forever to fix it or any excuses they made for not being able to do this and that, ig was nothing but excuses. Shadow lab survival sucks because you have to play a bunch of bad players shadows to maybe get to a few decent ones.


@THEOKIKING in respect to the computer AI, they didn’t fix anything, because there was nothing wrong with it. You are perfectly fine in wishing it could be better. I don’t think there is a person here on these message boards that doesn’t have a wish list in respect for the current state of KI, from better balance changes, to ultimates and stages for every character.

KI’s AI (as I’ve mentioned before) is a throw back to the old arcade days, and to be fine it wasn’t their main focus. KI was made on a limited budget, and DH chose to focus on creating an initial diverse cast and (still) one of the best necodes in fighting game history. That is what MS paid for, and that is what DH did.

This is the same boat for IG in terms of KI. They were given a budget and limited resources. They have to pick their battles and IG chose to continue creating a diverse cast, and then created one of the best single player experiences in a fighting game, namely Shadow Lords. (I am personally not a fan, as I hardly ever play single player modes).

Shadows is the closest thing you are going to get to an adaptive AI as it is based on real people and not a computer simulating possibilities. I agree you do generally face a lot of “bad” players before you get to the good ones, but that is exactly how Rank works as well.

If you REALLY want to step up your game though, you should be using Exhibition as you can curtail who you fight. Playing long sets against good players is the best way to learn. Most of the top players I know (providing the time) are more than happy to run sets with you. You’ll find the 99.9% of KI’s player base is quite nice and are willing to help you learn a fight.

As I stated before there is nothing wrong with wanting something to be different or better. You are going to find hundreds of posts of people wanting various things changed in respect to KI. However, what is hurting you is the way you approach your feelings. Calling people, lazy, complacent, ect ect, will not win you points, nor will it help people see your point of view.

Most of us here, have been here since the beginning. I can tell you that IG has often gone beyond the call of duty to make this game great. They actively listened to our feedback and acted upon it. They actively talked to us, via this board, even to their own punishment, as some were attacked verbally. They’ve been patient and kind.

This is why when you start name calling, people will automatically bypass what you want to say and in turn attack you.

There is always value in being kind and considerate, even when you are angry or upset.